Commit 7757cdaf authored by John Paul Wallington's avatar John Paul Wallington

Mention `delete-frame-functions' replacing `delete-frame-hook',

obsolete alias remains.
parent da7829a3
......@@ -1169,6 +1169,10 @@ write-file-hooks to write-file-functions,
write-contents-hooks to write-contents-functions.
Marked local-write-file-hooks as obsolete (use the LOCAL arg of `add-hook').
** The new variable `delete-frame-functions' replaces `delete-frame-hook'.
It was renamed to follow the naming conventions for abnormal hooks. The old
name remains available as an alias, but has been marked obsolete.
** The `read-file-name' function now takes an additional argument which
specifies a predicate which the file name read must satify. The
new variable `read-file-name-predicate' contains the predicate argument
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