Commit 77676c1b authored by Nick Roberts's avatar Nick Roberts
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* pcvs-util.el (cvs-strings->string, cvs-string->strings): Rename

and move to...

* subr.el (strings->string, string->strings):
parent de949ffa
......@@ -186,35 +186,6 @@ arguments. If ARGS is not a list, no argument will be passed."
"Tell whether STR1 is a prefix of STR2."
(eq t (compare-strings str2 nil (length str1) str1 nil nil)))
;; (string->strings (strings->string X)) == X
(defun cvs-strings->string (strings &optional separator)
"Concatenate the STRINGS, adding the SEPARATOR (default \" \").
This tries to quote the strings to avoid ambiguity such that
(cvs-string->strings (cvs-strings->string strs)) == strs
Only some SEPARATORs will work properly."
(let ((sep (or separator " ")))
(lambda (str)
(if (string-match "[\\\"]" str)
(concat "\"" (replace-regexp-in-string "[\\\"]" "\\\\\\&" str) "\"")
strings sep)))
;; (string->strings (strings->string X)) == X
(defun cvs-string->strings (string &optional separator)
"Split the STRING into a list of strings.
It understands elisp style quoting within STRING such that
(cvs-string->strings (cvs-strings->string strs)) == strs
The SEPARATOR regexp defaults to \"\\s-+\"."
(let ((sep (or separator "\\s-+"))
(i (string-match "[\"]" string)))
(if (null i) (split-string string sep t) ; no quoting: easy
(append (unless (eq i 0) (split-string (substring string 0 i) sep t))
(let ((rfs (read-from-string string i)))
(cons (car rfs)
(cvs-string->strings (substring string (cdr rfs))
;;;; file names
......@@ -240,7 +211,7 @@ The SEPARATOR regexp defaults to \"\\s-+\"."
(defconst cvs-qtypedesc-string1 (cvs-qtypedesc-create 'identity 'identity t))
(defconst cvs-qtypedesc-string (cvs-qtypedesc-create 'identity 'identity))
(defconst cvs-qtypedesc-strings
(cvs-qtypedesc-create 'cvs-string->strings 'cvs-strings->string nil))
(cvs-qtypedesc-create 'string->strings 'strings->string nil))
(defun cvs-query-read (default prompt qtypedesc &optional hist-sym)
(let* ((qtypedesc (or qtypedesc cvs-qtypedesc-strings))
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