Commit 778686b1 authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa

(struct font_driver): Docstring of member `shape' is improved.

parent ef800aa2
......@@ -446,7 +446,18 @@ struct font_driver
int (*end_for_frame) P_ ((FRAME_PTR f));
/* Optional.
Shape text in LGSTRING. */
Shape text in LGSTRING. See the docstring of `font-make-gstring'
for the format of LGSTRING. If the (N+1)th element of LGSTRING
is nil, input of shaping is from the 1st to (N)th elements. In
each input glyph, FROM, TO, CHAR, and CODE are already set.
This function updates all fields of the input glyphs. If the
output glyphs (M) are more than the input glyphs (N), (N+1)th
through (M)th elements of LGSTRING are updated possibly by making
a new glyph object and storing it in LGSTRING. If (M) is greater
than the length of LGSTRING, nil should be return. In that case,
this function is called again with the larger LGSTRING. */
Lisp_Object (*shape) P_ ((Lisp_Object lgstring));
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