Commit 77aa8edf authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(Vhistory_length, Qhistory_length): New variables.

(syms_of_minibuf): Register and initialise these.
(read_minibuf): Truncate history list if needed.
parent 21fbc8e5
......@@ -46,9 +46,12 @@ Lisp_Object minibuf_save_list;
/* Depth in minibuffer invocations. */
int minibuf_level;
/* Nonzero means display completion help for invalid input */
/* Nonzero means display completion help for invalid input. */
int auto_help;
/* The maximum length of a minibuffer history. */
Lisp_Object Qhistory_length, Vhistory_length;
/* Fread_minibuffer leaves the input here as a string. */
Lisp_Object last_minibuf_string;
......@@ -356,8 +359,27 @@ read_minibuf (map, initial, prompt, backup_n, expflag, histvar, histpos)
if (NILP (histval)
|| (CONSP (histval)
&& NILP (Fequal (last_minibuf_string, Fcar (histval)))))
Fset (Vminibuffer_history_variable,
Fcons (last_minibuf_string, histval));
Lisp_Object length;
histval = Fcons (last_minibuf_string, histval);
Fset (Vminibuffer_history_variable, histval);
/* Truncate if requested. */
length = Fget (Vminibuffer_history_variable, Qhistory_length);
if (NILP (length)) length = Vhistory_length;
if (INTEGERP (length)) {
if (XINT (length) <= 0)
Fset (Vminibuffer_history_variable, Qnil);
Lisp_Object temp;
temp = Fnthcdr (Fsub1 (length), histval);
if (CONSP (temp)) Fsetcdr (temp, Qnil);
/* If Lisp form desired instead of string, parse it. */
......@@ -1794,6 +1816,9 @@ syms_of_minibuf ()
Qminibuffer_exit_hook = intern ("minibuffer-exit-hook");
staticpro (&Qminibuffer_exit_hook);
Qhistory_length = intern ("history-length");
staticpro (&Qhistory_length);
DEFVAR_LISP ("minibuffer-setup-hook", &Vminibuffer_setup_hook,
"Normal hook run just after entry to minibuffer.");
Vminibuffer_setup_hook = Qnil;
......@@ -1802,6 +1827,13 @@ syms_of_minibuf ()
"Normal hook run just after exit from minibuffer.");
Vminibuffer_exit_hook = Qnil;
DEFVAR_LISP ("history-length", &Vhistory_length,
"*Maximum length for history lists before truncation takes place.\n\
A number means that length; t means infinite. Truncation takes place\n\
just after a new element is inserted. Setting the history-length\n\
property of a history variable overrides this default.");
XSETFASTINT (Vhistory_length, 30);
DEFVAR_BOOL ("completion-auto-help", &auto_help,
"*Non-nil means automatically provide help for invalid completion input.");
auto_help = 1;
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