Commit 77c92cb9 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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split-string takes a new arg TRIM that's a regexp

saying what to trim from the start and end of each substring.

* subr.el (split-string): New arg TRIM.
parent 621dd9ac
......@@ -561,6 +561,9 @@ The few hooks that used with-wrapper-hook are replaced as follows:
*** `completion-in-region-function' obsoletes `completion-in-region-functions'.
*** `filter-buffer-substring-function' obsoletes `filter-buffer-substring-functions'.
** `split-string' now takes an optional argument TRIM.
The value, if non-nil, is a regexp that specifies what to trim from
the start and end of each substring.
** `get-upcase-table' is obsoleted by the new `case-table-get-table'.
2013-07-19 Richard Stallman <>
* subr.el (split-string): New arg TRIM.
2013-07-18 Juanma Barranquero <>
* frame.el (blink-cursor-timer-function, blink-cursor-suspend):
......@@ -3529,7 +3529,7 @@ likely to have undesired semantics.")
;; defaulted, OMIT-NULLS should be treated as t. Simplifying the logical
;; expression leads to the equivalent implementation that if SEPARATORS
;; is defaulted, OMIT-NULLS is treated as t.
(defun split-string (string &optional separators omit-nulls)
(defun split-string (string &optional separators omit-nulls trim)
"Split STRING into substrings bounded by matches for SEPARATORS.
The beginning and end of STRING, and each match for SEPARATORS, are
......@@ -3547,17 +3547,50 @@ that for the default value of SEPARATORS leading and trailing whitespace
are effectively trimmed). If nil, all zero-length substrings are retained,
which correctly parses CSV format, for example.
If TRIM is non-nil, it should be a regular expression to match
text to trim from the beginning and end of each substring. If trimming
makes the substring empty, it is treated as null.
If you want to trim whitespace from the substrings, the reliably correct
way is using TRIM. Making SEPARATORS match that whitespace gives incorrect
results when there is whitespace at the start or end of STRING. If you
see such calls to `split-string', please fix them.
Note that the effect of `(split-string STRING)' is the same as
`(split-string STRING split-string-default-separators t)'. In the rare
case that you wish to retain zero-length substrings when splitting on
whitespace, use `(split-string STRING split-string-default-separators)'.
Modifies the match data; use `save-match-data' if necessary."
(let ((keep-nulls (not (if separators omit-nulls t)))
(rexp (or separators split-string-default-separators))
(start 0)
(list nil))
(let* ((keep-nulls (not (if separators omit-nulls t)))
(rexp (or separators split-string-default-separators))
(start 0)
this-start this-end
(list nil)
;; Push the substring in range THIS-START to THIS-END
;; onto LIST, trimming it and perhaps discarding it.
(lambda ()
(when trim
;; Discard the trim from start of this substring.
(let ((tem (string-match trim string this-start)))
(and (eq tem this-start)
(setq this-start (match-end 0)))))
(when (or keep-nulls (< this-start this-end))
(let ((this (substring string this-start this-end)))
;; Discard the trim from end of this substring.
(when trim
(let ((tem (string-match (concat trim "\\'") this 0)))
(and tem (< tem (length this))
(setq this (substring this 0 tem)))))
;; Trimming could make it empty; check again.
(when (or keep-nulls (> (length this) 0))
(push this list)))))))
(while (and (string-match rexp string
(if (and notfirst
(= start (match-beginning 0))
......@@ -3565,15 +3598,15 @@ Modifies the match data; use `save-match-data' if necessary."
(1+ start) start))
(< start (length string)))
(setq notfirst t)
(if (or keep-nulls (< start (match-beginning 0)))
(setq list
(cons (substring string start (match-beginning 0))
(setq start (match-end 0)))
(if (or keep-nulls (< start (length string)))
(setq list
(cons (substring string start)
(setq this-start start this-end (match-beginning 0)
start (match-end 0))
(funcall push-one))
;; Handle the substring at the end of STRING.
(setq this-start start this-end (length string))
(funcall push-one)
(nreverse list)))
(defun combine-and-quote-strings (strings &optional separator)
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