Commit 77f35363 authored by Michael Albinus's avatar Michael Albinus

Fix a problem with `start-file-process' in Tramp

* lisp/net/tramp-sh.el (tramp-maybe-open-connection):
`start-file-process' shall work when `non-essential' is
non-nil, but there is already an established connection.
parent 75cdf429
......@@ -4655,7 +4655,11 @@ connection if a previous connection has died for some reason."
;; If `non-essential' is non-nil, don't reopen a new connection.
;; This variable has been introduced with Emacs 24.1.
(when (and (boundp 'non-essential) (symbol-value 'non-essential))
;; We check this for the process related to
;; `tramp-buffer-name'; otherwise `start-file-process'
;; wouldn't run ever when `non-essential' is non-nil.
(when (and (boundp 'non-essential) (symbol-value 'non-essential)
(null (get-process (tramp-buffer-name vec))))
(throw 'non-essential 'non-essential))
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