Commit 7801463c authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(diary-coptic-date): Use `date'.

If calendar-coptic-date-string gives nonempty string,
add additional text to it.
parent edbf2694
......@@ -164,10 +164,10 @@ Echo Coptic date unless NOECHO is t."
(defun diary-coptic-date ()
"Coptic calendar equivalent of date diary entry."
(let ((f (calendar-coptic-date-string (calendar-cursor-to-date t))))
(let ((f (calendar-coptic-date-string date)))
(if (string-equal f "")
(format "Date is pre-%s calendar" coptic-name)
(format "%s date: %s" coptic-name f))))
(defconst ethiopic-calendar-month-name-array
["Maskaram" "Teqemt" "Khedar" "Takhsas" "Ter" "Yakatit" "Magabit" "Miyazya"
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