Commit 78248b76 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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config.bat: Remove support for DJGPP v1.x.

parent dbd3f723
2010-05-15 Eli Zaretskii <>
* config.bat: Remove support for DJGPP v1.x.
2010-05-15 Glenn Morris <>
* (OLDXMENU_TARGET): New output variable.
......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ rem ----------------------------------------------------------------------
rem + msdos version 3 or better.
rem + DJGPP version 1.12maint1 or later (version 2.03 or later recommended).
rem + DJGPP version 2.0 or later (version 2.03 or later recommended).
rem + make utility that allows breaking of the 128 chars limit on
rem command lines. ndmake (as of version 4.5) won't work due to a
rem line length limit. The make that comes with DJGPP does work (and is
......@@ -125,11 +125,10 @@ rm -f junk.c junk junk.exe
Echo To compile 'Emacs' under MS-DOS you MUST have DJGPP installed!
Goto End
set djgpp_ver=1
If ErrorLevel 20 set djgpp_ver=2
set djgpp_ver=2
If Not ErrorLevel 20 Echo To build 'Emacs' you need DJGPP v2.0 or later!
If Not ErrorLevel 20 Goto End
rm -f junk.c junk junk.exe
rem The v1.x build does not need djecho
if "%DJGPP_VER%" == "1" Goto djechoOk
rem DJECHO is used by the top-level Makefile in the v2.x build
Echo Checking whether 'djecho' is available...
redir -o Nul -eo djecho -o junk.$$$ foo
......@@ -159,12 +158,7 @@ sed -e '' > config.tmp
if "%X11%" == "" goto src4
sed -f ../msdos/sed2x.inp < >config.tmp
if "%DJGPP_VER%" == "2" Goto src41
sed -f ../msdos/sed2.inp <config.tmp >config.h2
goto src42
sed -f ../msdos/sed2v2.inp <config.tmp >config.h2
Rem See if DECL_ALIGN can be supported with this GCC
rm -f junk.c junk.o junk junk.exe
echo struct { int i; char *p; } __attribute__((__aligned__(8))) foo; >junk.c
......@@ -198,12 +192,7 @@ if exist dir.h ren dir.h vmsdir.h
rem Create "makefile" from "".
rm -f Makefile junk.c
sed -e "1,/== start of cpp stuff ==/s@^##*[ ].*$@@" < >junk.c
If "%DJGPP_VER%" == "1" Goto mfV1
gcc -E -traditional junk.c | sed -f ../msdos/sed1v2.inp >Makefile
goto mfDone
gcc -E -traditional junk.c | sed -f ../msdos/sed1.inp >Makefile
rm -f junk.c
if "%X11%" == "" goto src5
......@@ -221,12 +210,7 @@ cd ..
rem ----------------------------------------------------------------------
Echo Configuring the library source directory...
cd lib-src
If "%DJGPP_VER%" == "2" goto libsrc-v2
sed -f ../msdos/sed3.inp < >Makefile
Goto libsrc2
sed -f ../msdos/sed3v2.inp < >Makefile
if "%X11%" == "" goto libsrc2a
mv Makefile makefile.tmp
sed -f ../msdos/sed3x.inp <makefile.tmp >Makefile
......@@ -272,7 +256,6 @@ rem ----------------------------------------------------------------------
Echo Configuring the main directory...
If Exist .dir-locals.el update .dir-locals.el _dir-locals.el
If Exist src\.dbxinit update src/.dbxinit src/_dbxinit
If "%DJGPP_VER%" == "1" goto mainv1
Echo Looking for the GDB init file...
If Exist src\.gdbinit update src/.gdbinit src/_gdbinit
If Exist src\_gdbinit goto gdbinitOk
......@@ -287,8 +270,6 @@ goto End
Echo Looking for the GDB init file...found
copy msdos\mainmake.v2 Makefile >nul
If "%DJGPP_VER%" == "1" copy msdos\mainmake Makefile >nul
rem ----------------------------------------------------------------------
goto End
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