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Document changes to end-of-defun-function, clarifying entry for

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......@@ -1325,6 +1325,11 @@ temporary-file-directory instead.
removed. The function now takes extra arguments for specifying
arbitrary abbrev properties.
** end-of-defun-function is now guaranteed to work only when called
from the start of a defun. It must now leave point exactly at the end
of defun, since `end-of-defun' now itself moves forward over
whitespace after calling it.
* Lisp Changes in Emacs 23.1
......@@ -1383,8 +1388,9 @@ like this:
** clone-indirect-buffer now runs the clone-indirect-buffer-hook.
** `beginning-of-defun-function' now takes one argument, the count
given to `beginning-of-defun'.
** `beginning-of-defun-function' now takes one argument, the count given to
`beginning-of-defun'. (N.B. `end-of-defun-function' doesn't take any
** `file-remote-p' has new optional parameters IDENTIFICATION and CONNECTED.
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