Commit 784602b1 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris

; Add release notice

parent 3a34412c
2017-04-20 Nicolas Petton <>
* Version 25.2 released.
2017-04-18 Eli Zaretskii <>
Fix a typo in indexing the user manual
......@@ -35840,7 +35844,7 @@
This file records repository revisions from
commit 9d56a21e6a696ad19ac65c4b405aeca44785884a (exclusive) to
commit 56a4461a48d5803fbc979924475da4b3621ea0f5 (inclusive).
commit 3a34412caae002accd0fc7a7fc0b718c2f34159b (inclusive).
See ChangeLog.1 for earlier changes.
;; Local Variables:
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