Commit 785080c5 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(x-select-text): Limit size of text sent to cut buffer.

parent f4ebbdbe
......@@ -491,13 +491,19 @@ This returns ARGS with the arguments that have been processed removed."
;;; from x-cut-buffer-or-selection-value.
(defvar x-last-selected-text nil)
(defvar x-cut-buffer-max 20000
"Max number of characters to put in the cut buffer.")
;;; Make TEXT, a string, the primary and clipboard X selections.
;;; If you are running xclipboard, this means you can effectively
;;; have a window on a copy of the kill-ring.
;;; Also, set the value of X cut buffer 0, for backward compatibility
;;; with older X applications.
(defun x-select-text (text &optional push)
(x-set-cut-buffer text push)
;; Don't send the cut buffer too much text.
;; It becomes slow, and if really big it causes errors.
(if (< (length text) x-cut-buffer-max)
(x-set-cut-buffer text push))
(x-set-selection 'CLIPBOARD text)
(x-set-selection 'PRIMARY text)
(setq x-last-selected-text text))
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