Commit 78589e07 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(Fx_popup_menu): Allow t as position, meaning use mouse pos.

Allow nil as position, meaning just precompute equiv-key data.
Mouse events have coords in pixel units.

(menu_item_equiv_key): Cached equiv-key data is a sublist.

Most of file rewritten.
(menu_items, menu_items_*): New variables.
(MENU_ITEMS_*): New macros.
(init_menu_items, discard_menu_items, push_menu_pane, push_menu_item)
(finish_menu_items): New functions.
(menu_item_enabled_p): New function.
(keymap_panes, single_keymap_panes): Major rewrite; most args changed.
(list_of_panes, list_of_items): Major rewrite; most args changed.
(Fx_popup_menu): Major rewrite.  Now independent of display mechanism.
No more conditionals here.
(set_menu_items, free_menu_items): Functions deleted.
(xmenu_show): Both versions rewritten to work from menu_items
and to do all the conditionalized things that were in Fx_popup_menu.
(unread_menu_bar_button, other_menu_bar_item_p): New functions.
(check_mouse_other_menu_bar): New function.
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