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Update todo.

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......@@ -217,9 +217,11 @@ them in the distribution.</indent>
+ Create<indent> an aggressive auto-fill function that will keep the
paragraph properly filled all the time, without slowing down
editing too much.</indent>
editing too much. Refill mode is a start at this, but needs
+ Refill after yank.
</indent></indent> <indent>improvment.
+ Refill after yank. [Refill mode does that.]
+<indent> Make deleting a newline also delete the indentation following
......@@ -230,10 +232,14 @@ it.</indent>
+ Deal with the `category' text-property in a smart way.
+ Interface w/ GNUS, VM, RMAIL. Maybe Info too?
+ Interface w/ Gnus, VM, RMAIL. Maybe Info too? </indent>(Gnus 5.9 copes
with text/enriched incoming mail.)<indent>
+ Support more formats: RTF, HTML...
+ Use Emacs 21 display features.
<x-bg-color><param>blue</param><x-color><param>white</param><bold>Final Notes:</bold></x-color></x-bg-color>
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