Commit 787df9dd authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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; * src/keyboard.c (read_char): Fix typos in a comment.

parent 06ae23aa
......@@ -2837,7 +2837,7 @@ read_char (int commandflag, Lisp_Object map,
if (CONSP (c) && EQ (XCAR (c), Qselect_window) && !end_time)
/* We stopped being idle for this event; undo that. This
prevents automatic window selection (under
mouse_autoselect_window from acting as a real input event, for
mouse-autoselect-window) from acting as a real input event, for
example banishing the mouse under mouse-avoidance-mode. */
timer_resume_idle ();
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