Commit 78a45118 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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Fix some alias and case issues.

parent 5208f3ad
......@@ -1378,7 +1378,7 @@ Joe Reiss: changed gnus-art.el
Joe Wells: wrote apropos.el mail-extr.el resume.el
and changed arc-mode.el tex-mode.el
Joel N. Weber Ii: changed comint.el make-dist
Joel N. Weber II: changed comint.el make-dist
Joel Ray Holveck: changed gnus-sum.el info.el
......@@ -2331,9 +2331,8 @@ Pavel Janík: changed keyboard.c xterm.c COPYING xdisp.c
coding.c eval.c fileio.c flyspell.el fns.c indent.c callint.c
cus-start.el and 700 other files
Pavel Kobiakov: changed flymake.el flymake.texi
Pavel Kobyakov: wrote flymake.el
Pavel Kobiakov: wrote flymake.el
and changed flymake.texi
Per Abrahamsen: wrote cpp.el cus-dep.el cus-edit.el cus-face.el
cus-start.el custom.el double.el gnus-cite.el gnus-cus.el wid-browse.el
......@@ -2355,8 +2354,6 @@ and changed vc.el vc-hooks.el diff-mode.el etags.c etags.el forms.el
Per Persson: wrote gnus-vm.el
and co-wrote erc-dcc.el
Per Starback: changed gnus-start.el
Per Starbäck: changed ispell.el apropos.el bytecomp.el characters.el
charset.h coding.c dired.el doctor.el emacs.c european.el gnus-start.el
iso-transl.el replace.el startup.el vc.el xdisp.c
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