Commit 78ca380c authored by Jim Blandy's avatar Jim Blandy
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* lisp.h (struct handler): Remove the poll_suppress_count member

	of this structure; it is always equal to the poll_suppress_count
	of its catchtag structure.  The non-local exit code in eval.c is
	difficult enough to understand as it is; needless duplication
	doesn't help.

	* lisp.h (struct specbinding, struct handler): More documentation.
parent 82da7701
......@@ -670,8 +670,20 @@ extern void defvar_int ();
#define DEFVAR_PER_BUFFER(lname, vname, type, doc) \
defvar_per_buffer (lname, vname, type, 0)
/* Structure for recording Lisp call stack for backtrace purposes */
/* Structure for recording Lisp call stack for backtrace purposes. */
/* The special binding stack holds the outer values of variables while
they are bound by a function application or a let form, stores the
code to be executed for Lisp unwind-protect forms, and stores the C
functions to be called for record_unwind_protect.
If func is non-zero, undoing this binding applies func to old_value;
This implements record_unwind_protect.
If func is zero and symbol is nil, undoing this binding evaluates
the list of forms in old_value; this implements Lisp's unwind-protect
Otherwise, undoing this binding stores old_value as symbol's value; this
undoes the bindings made by a let form or function call. */
struct specbinding
Lisp_Object symbol, old_value;
......@@ -683,13 +695,17 @@ extern struct specbinding *specpdl;
extern struct specbinding *specpdl_ptr;
extern int specpdl_size;
/* Everything needed to describe an active condition case. */
struct handler
/* The handler clauses and variable from the condition-case form. */
Lisp_Object handler;
Lisp_Object var;
int poll_suppress_count; /* No error should exit a piece of code
in which polling is suppressed. */
/* Used to effect the longjump out to the handler. */
struct catchtag *tag;
/* The next enclosing handler. */
struct handler *next;
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