Commit 78e367e9 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman

(parens-require-spaces): Var renamed and sense changed.

(insert-parentheses): Corresponding changes.
parent 5bd65b3b
......@@ -30,8 +30,8 @@
(defvar defun-prompt-regexp nil
"Non-nil => regexp to ignore, before the `(' that starts a defun.")
(defvar parens-dont-require-spaces nil
"Non-nil => `insert-parentheses' should not insert whitespace.")
(defvar parens-require-spaces t
"Non-nil => `insert-parentheses' should insert whitespace as needed.")
(defun forward-sexp (&optional arg)
"Move forward across one balanced expression (sexp).
......@@ -205,14 +205,14 @@ depending on the surrounding characters."
(if arg (setq arg (prefix-numeric-value arg))
(setq arg 0))
(or (eq arg 0) (skip-chars-forward " \t"))
(and (not parens-dont-require-spaces)
(and parens-require-spaces
(memq (char-syntax (preceding-char)) '(?w ?_ ?\) ))
(insert " "))
(insert ?\()
(or (eq arg 0) (forward-sexp arg))
(insert ?\))
(and (not parens-dont-require-spaces)
(and parens-require-spaces
(memq (char-syntax (following-char)) '(?w ?_ ?\( ))
(insert " "))))
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