Commit 78eb494e authored by Paul Eggert's avatar Paul Eggert
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* window.c (size_window): Avoid needless test at loop start.

parent 15cc1ab1
2011-05-11 Paul Eggert <>
* window.c (size_window): Avoid needless test at loop start.
2011-05-10 Juanma Barranquero <>
* image.c (Finit_image_library): Return t for built-in image types,
......@@ -3094,11 +3094,14 @@ size_window (Lisp_Object window, int size, int width_p, int nodelete_p, int firs
Lisp_Object last_child;
int child_size;
for (child = *forward; !NILP (child); child = c->next)
child = *forward;
c = XWINDOW (child);
last_child = child;
child = c->next;
while (!NILP (child));
child_size = WINDOW_TOTAL_SIZE (c, width_p);
size_window (last_child, size - old_size + child_size,
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