Commit 78f64af0 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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* subr.el (deferred-action-list, deferred-action-function): Mark obsolete.

parent 810f7698
......@@ -746,6 +746,7 @@ sc.el, x-menu.el, rnews.el, rnewspost.el
* Lisp changes in Emacs 24.1
** byte-compile-disable-print-circle is obsolete.
** deferred-action-list and deferred-action-function are obsolete.
** Removed the stack-trace-on-error variable.
Also the debugger can now "continue" from an error, which means it will jump
to the error handler as if the debugger had not been invoked instead of
2011-03-21 Stefan Monnier <>
* subr.el (deferred-action-list, deferred-action-function):
Mark obsolete.
2011-03-21 Leo Liu <>
* vc/log-view.el: Remove (require 'wid-edit), not needed after the
......@@ -1101,6 +1101,8 @@ is converted into a string by expressing it in decimal."
(make-obsolete-variable 'define-key-rebound-commands nil "23.2")
(make-obsolete-variable 'redisplay-end-trigger-functions 'jit-lock-register "23.1")
(make-obsolete-variable 'deferred-action-list 'post-command-hook "24.1")
(make-obsolete-variable 'deferred-action-function 'post-command-hook "24.1")
(make-obsolete 'window-redisplay-end-trigger nil "23.1")
(make-obsolete 'set-window-redisplay-end-trigger nil "23.1")
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