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......@@ -8,9 +8,13 @@ For older news, see the file ONEWS
* Changes in Emacs 21.2
** New user option `html-xhtml'.
When this option is enabled, HTML tags are inserted in XHTML style,
i.e., there is always a closing tag.
** When the *scratch* buffer is recreated, its mode is set from
initial-major-mode, which normally is lisp-interaction-mode,
instead of using default-major-mode.
instead of using default-major-mode.
** Byte compiler warning and error messages have been brought more
in line with the output of other GNU tools.
......@@ -2380,7 +2384,7 @@ will not have any effect when support for this variable is removed.
** Function assq-delete-all replaces function assoc-delete-all.
** The new function amimate-string, from lisp/play/animate.el
** The new function amimate-string, from lisp/play/animate.el
allows the animated display of strings.
** The new function `interactive-form' can be used to obtain the
......@@ -2623,7 +2627,7 @@ CHAR
matches any character in SET. SET may be a character or string.
Ranges of characters can be specified as `A-Z' in strings.
'(in SET)'
'(in SET)'
like `any'.
`(not (any SET))'
......@@ -2825,7 +2829,7 @@ CHAR
`(one-or-more SEXP)'
matches one or more occurrences of A.
`(1+ SEXP)'
like `one-or-more'.
......@@ -2837,7 +2841,7 @@ CHAR
`(zero-or-one SEXP)'
matches zero or one occurrences of A.
`(optional SEXP)'
like `zero-or-one'.
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