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Added more documentation for keypad package.

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......@@ -919,8 +919,27 @@ kill, copy, yank, and undo. If you want to use cua mode, but don't
want the C-x, C-c, C-v, and C-z bindings, you may customize the
`cua-enable-cua-keys' variable.
*** The new keypad setup package provides simplified configuration
of the numeric keypad which is available on most keyboards.
*** The new keypad setup package provides several common bindings for
the numeric keypad which is available on most keyboards. The numeric
keypad typically has the digits 0 to 9, a decimal point, keys marked
+, -, /, and *, an Enter key, and a NumLock toggle key. The keypad
package only controls the use of the digit and decimal keys.
By customizing the variables `keypad-setup', `keypad-shifted-setup',
`keypad-numlock-setup', and `keypad-numlock-shifted-setup', or by
using the function `keypad-setup', you can rebind all digit keys and
the decimal key of the keypad in one step for each of the four
possible combinations of the Shift key state (not pressed/pressed) and
the NumLock toggle state (off/on).
The choices for the keypad keys in each of the above states are:
`Plain numeric keypad' where the keys generates plain digits,
`Numeric keypad with decimal key' where the character produced by the
decimal key can be customized individually (for internationalization),
`Numeric Prefix Arg' where the keypad keys produce numeric prefix args
for emacs editing commands, `Cursor keys' and `Shifted Cursor keys'
where the keys work like (shifted) arrow keys, home/end, etc., and
`Remove Bindings' where all bindings for the keypad keys are removed.
*** The new kmacro package provides a simpler user interface to
emacs' keyboard macro facilities.
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