Commit 7965883b authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(note_mouse_highlight): Pass new arg to overlays_at.

parent 3f320f98
......@@ -1937,7 +1937,8 @@ note_mouse_highlight (f, x, y)
/* Put all the overlays we want in a vector in overlay_vec.
Store the length in len. */
noverlays = overlays_at (XINT (pos), 1, &overlay_vec, &len, &ignor1);
noverlays = overlays_at (XINT (pos), 1, &overlay_vec, &len,
noverlays = sort_overlays (overlay_vec, noverlays, w);
/* Find the highest priority overlay that has a mouse-face prop. */
......@@ -4558,8 +4559,28 @@ x_new_font (f, fontname)
char *atom
= XGetAtomName (x_current_display, font->properties[i].name);
if (!strcmp (atom, "FONT"))
full_name = XGetAtomName (x_current_display,
(Atom) (font->properties[i].card32));
char *name = XGetAtomName (x_current_display,
(Atom) (font->properties[i].card32));
char *p = name;
int dashes = 0;
/* Count the number of dashes in the "full name".
If it is too few, this isn't really the font's full name,
so don't use it.
In X11R4, the fonts did not come with their canonical names
stored in them. */
while (*p)
if (*p == '-')
if (dashes >= 13)
full_name = name;
XFree (atom);
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