Commit 798aa8d0 authored by Jim Blandy's avatar Jim Blandy
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* disp-table.el (standard-display-default): New function.

	(standard-display-european): New command.
parent b320926a
......@@ -71,6 +71,17 @@
(aset standard-display-table l (vector l)))
(setq l (1+ l))))
(defun standard-display-default (l h)
"Display characters in the range L to H using the default notation."
(while (<= l h)
(if (and (>= l ?\ ) (< l 127))
(if standard-display-table (aset standard-display-table l nil))
(or standard-display-table
(setq standard-display-table (make-vector 261 nil)))
(aset standard-display-table l nil))
(setq l (1+ l))))
(defun standard-display-ascii (c s)
"Display character C using string S."
......@@ -110,6 +121,15 @@
(setq glyph-table (vconcat glyph-table (list string)))
(1- (length glyph-table)))
(defun standard-display-european (arg)
"Arrange to display European characters encoded with ISO 8859.
This means that characters in the range of 160 to 255 display not
as octal escapes, but as accented characters."
(interactive "P")
(if arg (standard-display-default 160 255)
(standard-display-8bit 160 255)))
(provide 'disp-table)
;;; disp-table.el ends here
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