Commit 79936792 authored by Alain Schneble's avatar Alain Schneble Committed by Lars Ingebrigtsen

Respect DNS timeouts

* src/process.c (check_for_dns): If the async DNS request
failed and the associated process is still in "connect" state,
deactivate the process and set status to "failed".
parent 7d63fa01
......@@ -4706,7 +4706,7 @@ check_for_dns (Lisp_Object proc)
ip_addresses = Fnreverse (ip_addresses);
/* The DNS lookup failed. */
else if (!EQ (p->status, Qconnect))
else if (EQ (p->status, Qconnect))
deactivate_process (proc);
pset_status (p, (list2
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