Commit 799eb257 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier

Ebrowse: Use invisibility-spec instead of selective-display

* lisp/progmodes/ebrowse.el: Use lexical-binding.
(ebrowse-tree-mode): Set invisibility-spec instead of selective-display.
(ebrowse--hidden-p, ebrowse--hide, ebrowse--unhide): New functions.
(ebrowse-expand-all, ebrowse-unhide-base-classes, ebrowse-hide-line)
(ebrowse-mouse-1-in-tree-buffer): Use them.
(ebrowse-output): Remove macro, use with-silent-modifications instead.
(ebrowse-save-selective): Remove macro, not needed any more.
(ebrowse-trim-string, ebrowse-read, ebrowse-collapse-fn):
No need to pay attention to \r.
(ebrowse-files-list): Use push.
(ebrowse-view/find-file-and-search-pattern): Use add-hook here...
(ebrowse-find-pattern): ...and remove-hook here.
(ebrowse-view/find-position): Use add/remove-hook.
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;;; ebrowse.el --- Emacs C++ class browser & tags facility
;;; ebrowse.el --- Emacs C++ class browser & tags facility -*- lexical-binding:t -*-
;; Copyright (C) 1992-2019 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
......@@ -233,30 +233,12 @@ Compare items with `eq' or TEST if specified."
(defmacro ebrowse-output (&rest body)
"Eval BODY with a writable current buffer.
Preserve buffer's modified state."
(declare (indent 0) (debug t))
(let ((modified (make-symbol "--ebrowse-output--")))
`(let (buffer-read-only (,modified (buffer-modified-p)))
(progn ,@body)
(set-buffer-modified-p ,modified)))))
(defmacro ebrowse-ignoring-completion-case (&rest body)
"Eval BODY with `completion-ignore-case' bound to t."
(declare (indent 0) (debug t))
`(let ((completion-ignore-case t))
(defmacro ebrowse-save-selective (&rest body)
"Eval BODY with `selective-display' restored at the end."
(declare (indent 0) (debug t))
;; FIXME: Don't use selective-display.
`(let ((selective-display selective-display))
(defmacro ebrowse-for-all-trees (spec &rest body)
"For all trees in SPEC, eval BODY."
(declare (indent 1) (debug ((sexp form) body)))
......@@ -303,7 +285,7 @@ If a buffer with name NEW-NAME already exists, delete it first."
(defun ebrowse-trim-string (string)
"Return a copy of STRING with leading white space removed.
Replace sequences of newlines with a single space."
(when (string-match "^[ \t\n\r]+" string)
(when (string-match "^[ \t\n]+" string)
(setq string (substring string (match-end 0))))
(cl-loop while (string-match "[\n]+" string)
finally return string do
......@@ -688,7 +670,7 @@ MARKED-ONLY non-nil means include marked classes only."
"Return a list containing all files mentioned in a tree.
MARKED-ONLY non-nil means include marked classes only."
(let (list)
(maphash (lambda (file _dummy) (setq list (cons file list)))
(maphash (lambda (file _dummy) (push file list))
(ebrowse-files-table marked-only))
......@@ -865,7 +847,7 @@ and TREE is a list of `ebrowse-ts' structures forming the class tree."
;; Read Lisp objects. Temporarily increase `gc-cons-threshold' to
;; prevent a GC that would not free any memory.
(let ((gc-cons-threshold 2000000))
(while (not (progn (skip-chars-forward " \t\n\r") (eobp)))
(while (not (progn (skip-chars-forward " \t\n") (eobp)))
(let* ((root (read (current-buffer)))
(old-root-ptr (ebrowse-class-in-tree root tree)))
(ebrowse-show-progress "Reading data" (null tree))
......@@ -996,7 +978,6 @@ if for some reason a circle is in the inheritance graph."
(ebrowse-ts-class (car subclass)))
as next = nil
;; Replace the subclass tree with the one found in
;; CLASSES if there is already an entry for that class
......@@ -1096,8 +1077,7 @@ Tree mode key bindings:
(set (make-local-variable 'ebrowse--frozen-flag) nil)
(setq mode-line-buffer-identification ident)
(setq buffer-read-only t)
(setq selective-display t)
(setq selective-display-ellipses t)
(add-to-invisibility-spec '(ebrowse . t))
(set (make-local-variable 'revert-buffer-function)
(set (make-local-variable 'ebrowse--header) header)
......@@ -1107,7 +1087,7 @@ Tree mode key bindings:
(and tree (ebrowse-build-tree-obarray tree)))
(set (make-local-variable 'ebrowse--frozen-flag) nil)
(add-hook 'write-file-functions 'ebrowse-write-file-hook-fn nil t)
(add-hook 'write-file-functions #'ebrowse-write-file-hook-fn nil t)
(modify-syntax-entry ?_ (char-to-string (char-syntax ?a)))
(when tree
......@@ -1184,7 +1164,7 @@ If given a numeric N-TIMES argument, mark that many classes."
;; by a regexp replace over the whole buffer. The reason for this
;; is that classes might have multiple base classes. If this is
;; the case, they are displayed more than once in the tree.
for tree in to-change
as regexp = (concat "^.*\\b"
......@@ -1213,7 +1193,7 @@ If given a numeric N-TIMES argument, mark that many classes."
"Display class marker signs in the tree between START and END."
(catch 'end
(goto-char (point-min))
(dolist (root ebrowse--tree)
......@@ -1242,8 +1222,8 @@ If given a numeric N-TIMES argument, mark that many classes."
With PREFIX, insert that many filenames."
(interactive "p")
(unless ebrowse--show-file-names-flag
(dotimes (i prefix)
(dotimes (_ prefix)
(let ((tree (ebrowse-tree-at-point))
......@@ -1393,6 +1373,18 @@ Pop to member buffer if no prefix ARG, to tree buffer otherwise."
;;; Functions to hide/unhide text
(defun ebrowse--hidden-p (&optional pos)
(eq (get-char-property (or pos (point)) 'invisible) 'ebrowse))
(defun ebrowse--hide (start end)
(put-text-property start end 'invisible 'ebrowse))
(defun ebrowse--unhide (start end)
;; FIXME: This also removes other invisible properties!
(remove-text-properties start end '(invisible)))
;;; Misc tree buffer commands
(defun ebrowse-set-tree-indentation ()
......@@ -1418,16 +1410,14 @@ Read a class name from the minibuffer if CLASS is nil."
(setf class
(completing-read "Goto class: "
(ebrowse-tree-obarray-as-alist) nil t)))
(goto-char (point-min))
(setf selective-display nil)
(setq ebrowse--last-regexp (concat "\\b" class "\\b"))
(if (re-search-forward ebrowse--last-regexp nil t)
(goto-char (match-beginning 0))
(error "Not found")))))
(goto-char (point-min))
(setq ebrowse--last-regexp (concat "\\b" class "\\b"))
(if (re-search-forward ebrowse--last-regexp nil t)
(goto-char (match-beginning 0))
(error "Not found"))))
......@@ -1556,7 +1546,7 @@ and possibly kill the viewed buffer."
(setq original-frame-configuration ebrowse--frame-configuration
exit-action ebrowse--view-exit-action))
;; Delete the frame in which we viewed.
(mapc 'delete-frame
(mapc #'delete-frame
(cl-loop for frame in (frame-list)
when (not (assq frame original-frame-configuration))
collect frame))
......@@ -1610,9 +1600,7 @@ specifies where to find/view the result."
(cond (view
(setf ebrowse-temp-position-to-view struc
ebrowse-temp-info-to-view info)
(unless (boundp 'view-mode-hook)
(setq view-mode-hook nil))
(push 'ebrowse-find-pattern view-mode-hook)
(add-hook 'view-mode-hook #'ebrowse-find-pattern)
(pcase where
('other-window (view-file-other-window file))
('other-frame (ebrowse-view-file-other-frame file))
......@@ -1676,7 +1664,7 @@ a pattern. To be able to do a search in a viewed buffer,
(unless position
(pop view-mode-hook)
(remove-hook 'view-mode-hook #'ebrowse-find-pattern)
(setf viewing t
position ebrowse-temp-position-to-view
info ebrowse-temp-info-to-view))
......@@ -1685,7 +1673,7 @@ INFO is a list (TREE-HEADER TREE-OR-MEMBER MEMBER-LIST)."
(start (ebrowse-bs-point position))
(offset 100)
(pcase-let ((`(,header ,class-or-member ,member-list) info))
(pcase-let ((`(,_header ,class-or-member ,member-list) info))
;; If no pattern is specified, construct one from the member name.
(when (stringp pattern)
(setq pattern (concat "^.*" (regexp-quote pattern))))
......@@ -1749,7 +1737,7 @@ QUIETLY non-nil means don't display progress messages."
(or quietly (message "Displaying..."))
......@@ -1816,7 +1804,8 @@ This function may look weird, but this is faster than recursion."
(nconc (copy-sequence (ebrowse-ts-subclasses tree)) stack2)
(nconc (make-list (length (ebrowse-ts-subclasses tree))
(1+ level)) stack1)))))
(1+ level))
......@@ -1844,69 +1833,60 @@ With prefix ARG, expand all sub-trees."
"Expand or fold all trees in the buffer.
COLLAPSE non-nil means fold them."
(interactive "P")
(let ((line-end (if collapse "^\n" "^\r"))
(insertion (if collapse "\r" "\n")))
(if (not collapse)
(ebrowse--unhide (point-min) (point-max))
(goto-char (point-min))
(while (not (progn (skip-chars-forward line-end) (eobp)))
(when (or (not collapse)
(looking-at "\n "))
(delete-char 1)
(insert insertion))
(when collapse
(skip-chars-forward "\n ")))))))
(while (progn (end-of-line) (not (eobp)))
(when (looking-at "\n ")
(ebrowse--hide (point) (line-end-position 2)))
(skip-chars-forward "\n "))))))
(defun ebrowse-unhide-base-classes ()
"Unhide the line the cursor is on and all base classes."
(let (indent last-indent)
(skip-chars-backward "^\r\n")
(when (not (looking-at "[\r\n][^ \t]"))
(skip-chars-forward "\r\n \t")
(forward-line 0)
(when (not (looking-at "\n[^ \t]"))
(skip-chars-forward "\n \t")
(while (and (or (null last-indent) ;first time
(> indent 1)) ;not root class
(re-search-backward "[\r\n][ \t]*" nil t))
(re-search-backward "\n[ \t]*" nil t))
(setf indent (- (match-end 0)
(match-beginning 0)))
(when (or (null last-indent)
(< indent last-indent))
(setf last-indent indent)
(when (looking-at "\r")
(delete-char 1)
(insert 10)))
(backward-char 1)))))))
(when (ebrowse--hidden-p)
(ebrowse--unhide (point) (line-end-position 2))))))))))
(defun ebrowse-hide-line (collapse)
"Hide/show a single line in the tree.
COLLAPSE non-nil means hide."
(skip-chars-forward "^\r\n")
(delete-char 1)
(insert (if collapse 13 10)))))
(funcall (if collapse #'ebrowse--hide #'ebrowse--unhide)
(line-end-position) (line-end-position 2))))
(defun ebrowse-collapse-fn (collapse)
"Collapse or expand a branch of the tree.
COLLAPSE non-nil means collapse the branch."
(skip-chars-forward "> \t")
(let ((indentation (current-column)))
(while (and (not (eobp))
(skip-chars-forward "^\r\n")
(goto-char (1+ (point)))
(forward-line 1)
(skip-chars-forward "> \t")
(> (current-column) indentation)))
(ebrowse-hide-line collapse)
(skip-chars-forward "^\r\n")
(goto-char (1+ (point))))))))
(forward-line 1))))))
;;; Electric tree selection
......@@ -2164,7 +2144,7 @@ See `Electric-command-loop' for a description of STATE and CONDITION."
(define-derived-mode ebrowse-member-mode special-mode "Ebrowse-Members"
"Major mode for Ebrowse member buffers."
(mapc 'make-local-variable
(mapc #'make-local-variable
'(ebrowse--decl-column ;display column
ebrowse--n-columns ;number of short columns
ebrowse--column-width ;width of columns above
......@@ -2587,7 +2567,7 @@ TAGS-FILE is the file name of the BROWSE file."
(let ((display-fn (if ebrowse--long-display-flag
;; Show this class
......@@ -2708,7 +2688,7 @@ means the member buffer is standalone. CLASS is its class."
(defun ebrowse-draw-member-long-fn (member-list tree)
"Display member buffer for MEMBER-LIST in long form.
TREE is the class tree of MEMBER-LIST."
(dolist (member-struc (mapcar 'ebrowse-member-display-p member-list))
(dolist (member-struc (mapcar #'ebrowse-member-display-p member-list))
(when member-struc
(let ((name (ebrowse-ms-name member-struc))
(start (point)))
......@@ -3243,7 +3223,8 @@ from point as default. Value is a list (CLASS-NAME MEMBER-NAME)."
(if members
(let* ((name (ebrowse-ignoring-completion-case
(completing-read prompt members nil nil member-name)))
(completion-result (try-completion name members)))
;; (completion-result (try-completion name members))
;; Cannot rely on `try-completion' returning t for exact
;; matches! It returns the name as a string.
(unless (gethash name members)
......@@ -3750,6 +3731,7 @@ looks like a function call to the member."
;; Get the member name NAME (class-name is ignored).
(let ((name fix-name) class-name regexp)
(unless name
(ignore class-name) ;Can't use an underscore to silence the warning :-(!
(cl-multiple-value-setq (class-name name)
(cl-values-list (ebrowse-tags-read-name header "Find calls of: "))))
;; Set tags loop form to search for member and begin loop.
......@@ -3794,14 +3776,13 @@ If VIEW is non-nil, view the position, otherwise find it."
(find-file (ebrowse-position-file-name position))
(goto-char (ebrowse-position-point position)))
(push (function
(lambda ()
(goto-char (ebrowse-position-point position))))
(view-file (ebrowse-position-file-name position)))
(pop view-mode-hook)))))
(let ((fn (lambda ()
(goto-char (ebrowse-position-point position)))))
(add-hook 'view-mode-hook fn)
(view-file (ebrowse-position-file-name position)))
(remove-hook 'view-mode-hook fn))))))
(defun ebrowse-push-position (marker info &optional target)
......@@ -3904,6 +3885,7 @@ Runs the hook `ebrowse-electric-position-mode-hook'."
(setq mode-line-buffer-identification "Electric Position Menu")
(when (memq 'mode-name mode-line-format)
(setq mode-line-format (copy-sequence mode-line-format))
;; FIXME: Why not set `mode-name' to "Positions"?
(setcar (memq 'mode-name mode-line-format) "Positions"))
(set (make-local-variable 'Helper-return-blurb) "return to buffer editing")
(setq truncate-lines t
......@@ -4050,7 +4032,7 @@ Otherwise, FILE-NAME specifies the file to save the tree in."
(setf (ebrowse-hs-member-table header) nil)
(insert (prin1-to-string header) " ")
(mapc 'ebrowse-save-class tree)
(mapc #'ebrowse-save-class tree)
(write-file file-name)
(message "Tree written to file `%s'" file-name))
(kill-buffer temp-buffer)
......@@ -4065,7 +4047,7 @@ Otherwise, FILE-NAME specifies the file to save the tree in."
(insert "[ebrowse-ts ")
(prin1 (ebrowse-ts-class class)) ;class name
(insert "(") ;list of subclasses
(mapc 'ebrowse-save-class (ebrowse-ts-subclasses class))
(mapc #'ebrowse-save-class (ebrowse-ts-subclasses class))
(insert ")")
(dolist (func ebrowse-member-list-accessors)
(prin1 (funcall func class))
......@@ -4252,12 +4234,12 @@ NUMBER-OF-STATIC-VARIABLES:"
(add-hook 'electric-buffer-menu-mode-hook
(add-hook 'electric-buffer-menu-mode-hook
(call-interactively 'electric-buffer-list))
(remove-hook 'electric-buffer-menu-mode-hook
;;; Mouse support
......@@ -4400,8 +4382,7 @@ EVENT is the mouse event."
(pcase (event-click-count event)
(2 (pcase property
(let ((collapsed (save-excursion (skip-chars-forward "^\r\n")
(looking-at "\r"))))
(let ((collapsed (ebrowse--hidden-p (line-end-position))))
(ebrowse-collapse-fn (not collapsed))))
(ebrowse-toggle-mark-at-point 1)))))))
......@@ -4411,9 +4392,7 @@ EVENT is the mouse event."
(provide 'ebrowse)
;; Local variables:
;; eval:(put 'ebrowse-output 'lisp-indent-hook 0)
;; eval:(put 'ebrowse-ignoring-completion-case 'lisp-indent-hook 0)
;; eval:(put 'ebrowse-save-selective 'lisp-indent-hook 0)
;; eval:(put 'ebrowse-for-all-trees 'lisp-indent-hook 1)
;; End:
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