Commit 79abec2f authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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Fix for coding-system completion (bug#23670)

* lisp/international/mule.el (read-buffer-file-coding-system):
Ensure that completion-pcm--delim-wild-regex is enclosed in parens,
so that completion-pcm--pattern->regex can append "*?".
parent 207ee94b
......@@ -1311,8 +1311,8 @@ Internal use only.")
(completion-ignore-case t)
(completion-pcm--delim-wild-regex ; Let "u8" complete to "utf-8".
(concat completion-pcm--delim-wild-regex
(concat "\\(?:" completion-pcm--delim-wild-regex
(cs (completing-read
(format "Coding system for saving file (default %s): " default)
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