Commit 79af260e authored by Jason Rumney's avatar Jason Rumney
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(one_and_only_w32cons): Remove.

(initialize_w32_display): Take terminal argument.
parent bce179b5
......@@ -534,15 +534,10 @@ vga_stdcolor_name (int idx)
typedef int (*term_hook) ();
/* TEMPORARY HACK to get w32console compiling. To support multiple consoles,
this needs to go! */
struct terminal one_and_only_w32cons;
initialize_w32_display (void)
initialize_w32_display (struct terminal *term)
struct terminal *term = &one_and_only_w32cons;
term->cursor_to_hook = w32con_move_cursor;
term->raw_cursor_to_hook = w32con_move_cursor;
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