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Some doc for epa-mail-aliases

* doc/misc/epa.texi (Mail-mode integration): Mention epa-mail-aliases.

* lisp/epa.el (epa-mail-aliases): Doc fix.

* etc/NEWS: Related edit.
parent 36a672f6
2014-02-06 Glenn Morris <>
* epa.texi (Mail-mode integration): Mention epa-mail-aliases.
* mh-e.texi, viper.texi: Do not use colons in index entries.
2014-02-05 Paul Eggert <>
......@@ -342,11 +342,14 @@ Compose a signed message from the current buffer.
@kindex @kbd{C-c C-e C-e}
@kindex @kbd{C-c C-e e}
@findex epa-mail-encrypt
@vindex epa-mail-aliases
Compose an encrypted message from the current buffer.
By default it tries to build the recipient list from @samp{to},
@samp{cc}, and @samp{bcc} fields of the mail header. To include your
key in the recipient list, use @samp{encrypt-to} option in
@file{~/.gnupg/gpg.conf}. This function translates recipient
addresses using the @code{epa-mail-aliases} list. You can also
use that option to ignore specific recipients for encryption purposes.
@end table
......@@ -517,9 +517,10 @@ You can customize `electric-pair-text-pairs' and
`electric-pair-text-syntax-table' to tweak pairing behavior inside
strings and comments.
** New EPA option `epa-mail-aliases'.
You can set this to a list of email address aliases for keys to use
in `epa-mail-encrypt'.
You can set this to a list of email address aliases that `epa-mail-encrypt'
should use to find keys.
** New ERC option `erc-accidental-paste-threshold-seconds'.
2014-02-06 Glenn Morris <>
* epa.el (epa-mail-aliases): Doc fix.
2014-02-06 Dmitry Gutov <>
* emacs-lisp/lisp.el (lisp-completion-at-point): Use
......@@ -57,7 +57,9 @@ instead of encrypting it for ALIAS, encrypt it for EXPANSIONS...
If EXPANSIONS is empty, ignore ALIAS as regards encryption.
This is a handy way to avoid warnings about addresses that you don't
have any key for."
have any key for.
The command `epa-mail-encrypt' uses this."
:type '(repeat (cons (string :tag "Alias") (repeat (string :tag "Expansion"))))
:group 'epa
:version "24.4")
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