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(Timers): Clarify about REPEAT when timer is delayed.

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......@@ -1407,9 +1407,9 @@ it should save and restore the match data. @xref{Saving Match Data}.
@deffn Command run-at-time time repeat function &rest args
This sets up a timer that calls the function @var{function} with
arguments @var{args} at time @var{time}. If @var{repeat} is a number
(integer or floating point), the timer also runs every @var{repeat}
seconds after that. If @var{repeat} is @code{nil}, the timer runs
only once.
(integer or floating point), the timer is scheduled to run again every
@var{repeat} seconds after @var{time}. If @var{repeat} is @code{nil},
the timer runs only once.
@var{time} may specify an absolute or a relative time.
......@@ -1458,6 +1458,17 @@ the particular scheduled future action. You can use this value to call
@code{cancel-timer} (see below).
@end deffn
A repeating timer nominally ought to run every @var{repeat} seconds,
but remember that any invocation of a timer can be late. Lateness of
one repetition has no effect on the scheduled time of the next
repetition. For instance, if Emacs is busy computing for long enough
to cover three scheduled repetitions of the timer, and then starts to
wait, it will immediately call the timer function three times in
immediate succession (presuming no other timers trigger before or
between them). If you want a timer to run again no less than @var{n}
seconds after the last invocation, don't use the @var{repeat} argument.
Instead, the timer function should explicitly reschedule the timer.
@defmac with-timeout (seconds timeout-forms@dots{}) body@dots{}
Execute @var{body}, but give up after @var{seconds} seconds. If
@var{body} finishes before the time is up, @code{with-timeout} returns
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