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One more improvement of left/right-fringe display spec docs

* doc/lispref/display.texi (Fringe Bitmaps): Yet another
clarification of how to use FACE in left/right-fringe display
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......@@ -4282,7 +4282,11 @@ background colors are to be used to display the bitmap, using the
attributes of the @code{fringe} face for colors that @var{face} didn't
specify. If @var{face} is omitted, that means to use the attributes
of the @code{default} face for the colors which the @code{fringe} face
didn't specify.
didn't specify. For predictable results that don't depend on the
attributes of the @code{default} and @code{fringe} faces, we recommend
you never omit @var{face}, but always provide a specific face. In
particular, if you want the bitmap to be always displayed in the
@code{fringe} face, use @code{fringe} as @var{face}.
For instance, to display an arrow in the left fringe, using the
@code{warning} face, you could say something like:
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