Commit 7a095250 authored by Andrew Innes's avatar Andrew Innes
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($(DOC)): Use $(THISDIR) instead of . in

invocation of make-docfile, to work with Windows 2000.
parent 277277b7
......@@ -204,8 +204,8 @@ lisp= \
$(DOC): $(BLD)/make-docfile.exe
- $(DEL) $(DOC)
"./$(BLD)/make-docfile" -d ../src $(obj) > $(DOC)
"./$(BLD)/make-docfile" -d ../src $(lisp) >> $(DOC)
"$(THISDIR)/$(BLD)/make-docfile" -d ../src $(obj) > $(DOC)
"$(THISDIR)/$(BLD)/make-docfile" -d ../src $(lisp) >> $(DOC)
$(CP) $(DOC) ../etc/DOC-X
- mkdir "../src/$(OBJDIR)"
- mkdir "../src/$(OBJDIR)/etc"
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