Commit 7a10d292 authored by Jason Rumney's avatar Jason Rumney

(nxml-internal-unicode-char-name-sets-enabled): Rename from

(nxml-enable-unicode-char-name-sets-1): Merge into
(nxml-enable-unicode-char-name-sets): Don't unconditionally set
nxml-char-name-ignore-case here.
parent 6bd1e223
......@@ -28,9 +28,6 @@
;; Standard. The use of the names can be controlled on a per-block
;; basis, so as both to reduce memory usage and loading time,
;; and to make completion work better.
;; The main entry point is `nxml-enable-unicode-char-name-sets'. Typically,
;; this is added to `nxml-mode-hook' (rng-auto.el does this already).
;; To customize the blocks for which names are used
;;; Code:
......@@ -213,7 +210,9 @@ by a hyphen."
(defvar nxml-enable-unicode-char-name-sets-flag nil)
;; Internal flag to control whether customize reloads the character tables.
;; Should be set the first time the
(defvar nxml-internal-unicode-char-name-sets-enabled nil)
(defcustom nxml-enabled-unicode-blocks nxml-enabled-unicode-blocks-default
"List of Unicode blocks for which Unicode character names are enabled.
......@@ -222,8 +221,8 @@ of the block by downcasing and replacing each space by a hyphen."
:group 'nxml
:set (lambda (sym value)
(set-default 'nxml-enabled-unicode-blocks value)
(when nxml-enable-unicode-char-name-sets-flag
(when nxml-internal-unicode-char-name-sets-enabled
:type (cons 'set
(mapcar (lambda (block)
`(const :tag ,(format "%s (%04X-%04X)"
......@@ -240,11 +239,7 @@ of the block by downcasing and replacing each space by a hyphen."
The Unicode blocks for which names are enabled is controlled by
the variable `nxml-enabled-unicode-blocks'."
(setq nxml-char-name-ignore-case t)
(setq nxml-enable-unicode-char-name-sets-flag t)
(defun nxml-enable-unicode-char-name-sets-1 ()
(setq nxml-internal-unicode-char-name-sets-enabled t)
(mapc (lambda (block)
(nxml-unicode-block-char-name-set (car block))))
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