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2005-10-12 Kim F. Storm <>
* xdisp.c (remember_mouse_glyph): New generic version based on
glyph_rect and remember_mouse_glyph from xterm.c enhanced to
properly handle all different window areas.
* dispextern.h (remember_mouse_glyph): Add prototype.
* xterm.c (glyph_rect, remember_mouse_glyph): Remove X versions.
(note_mouse_movement, XTmouse_position): Use generic
remember_mouse_glyph, add last_mouse_glyph arg.
* w32term.c (note_mouse_movement): Fix last_mouse_glyph check.
(glyph_rect, remember_mouse_glyph): Remove w32 specific versions.
(note_mouse_movement, w32_mouse_position): Use generic
remember_mouse_glyph, add last_mouse_glyph arg.
* macterm.c (note_mouse_movement): Add call to remember_mouse_glyph.
(glyph_rect, remember_mouse_glyph): Remove mac specific versions.
(XTmouse_position): Adapt to use generic remember_mouse_glyph
instead of pixel_to_glyph_coords.
* window.c (coordinates_in_window): Fix x position for ON_RIGHT_MARGIN.
Fix x position for ON_TEXT when left margin width > 0.
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