Commit 7a3c8d3a authored by Eric S. Raymond's avatar Eric S. Raymond
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Added to-do items.

parent 5a81d3d7
......@@ -604,12 +604,19 @@
;; - when a file is in `conflict' state, turn on smerge-mode.
;; - figure out what to do with conflicts that are not caused by the
;; file contents, but by metadata or other causes.
;; file contents, but by metadata or other causes. Example: File A
;; gets renamed to B in one branch and to C in another and you merge
;; the two branches. Or you locally add file FOO and then pull a
;; change that also adds a new file FOO, ...
;; - add a generic mechanism for remembering the current branch names,
;; display the branch name in the mode-line. Replace
;; vc-cvs-sticky-tag with that.
;; - C-x v b does switch to a different backend, but the mode line is not
;; adapted accordingly. Also, it considers RCS and CVS to be the same,
;; which is pretty confusing.
;; - vc-diff should be able to show the diff for all files in a
;; changeset, especially for VC systems that have per repository
;; version numbers. log-view should take advantage of this.
......@@ -671,12 +678,20 @@
;; Those logs should likely use a local variable to hardware the VC they
;; are supposed to work with.
;; - Another important thing: merge all the status-like backend operations.
;; We should remove dir-status, state, dir-state, and dir-status-files, and
;; replace them with just `status' which takes a fileset and a continuation
;; (like dir-status) and returns a buffer in which the process(es) are run
;; (or nil if it worked synchronously). Hopefully we can define the old
;; 4 operations in term of this one.
;; - backends that care about vc-stay-local should try to take it into
;; account for vc-dir. Is this likely to be useful???
;; - vc-dir listing needs a footer generated when it's done to make it obvious
;; that it has finished.
;;; Code:
(require 'vc-hooks)
......@@ -1504,6 +1519,7 @@ Otherwise, throw an error."
(vc-responsible-backend default-directory)
(list default-directory))))
;; If we're allowing unregistered fiiles and visiting one, select it.
((and allow-unregistered (not (vc-registered buffer-file-name)))
(cons (vc-responsible-backend
(file-name-directory (buffer-file-name)))
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