Commit 7a3d0e0e authored by Miles Bader's avatar Miles Bader
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2000-09-04 Miles Bader <>
* xlwmenu.c (XlwMenuSetValues): Only frob the display if the menu
is actually displayed.
2000-09-03 Miles Bader <>
* xlwmenu.c (x_alloc_lighter_color_for_widget): New extern declaration.
2000-09-04 Miles Bader <>
* xmenu.c (xmenu_show): Call x_set_menu_resources_from_menu_face
before initially popping up the menu, so the menu doesn't flash
when the face settings are significantly different from the
2000-09-04 Stefan Monnier <>
* regex.c (WIDE_CHAR_SUPPORT): New macro.
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