Commit 7a7b2031 authored by Nick Roberts's avatar Nick Roberts
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(gdb-source-info): Display current frame when

attaching to an existing process.
(gdb-setup-windows, gdb-source-info): Start with gud-comint-buffer
while laying out windows when attaching to an existing process.
parent f667e4db
......@@ -178,10 +178,9 @@ The following interactive lisp functions help control operation :
(gdb-enqueue-input (list "set new-console off\n" 'ignore)))
(gdb-enqueue-input (list "set height 0\n" 'ignore))
;; find source file and compilation directory here
(gdb-enqueue-input (list "server list main\n" 'ignore)) ; C program
(gdb-enqueue-input (list "server list main\n" 'ignore)) ; C program
(gdb-enqueue-input (list "server list MAIN__\n" 'ignore)) ; Fortran program
(gdb-enqueue-input (list "server info source\n"
(gdb-enqueue-input (list "server info source\n" 'gdb-source-info))
(run-hooks 'gdba-mode-hook))
......@@ -2085,6 +2084,7 @@ the source buffer."
(switch-to-buffer gud-comint-buffer)
(split-window nil ( / ( * (window-height) 3) 4))
(split-window nil ( / (window-height) 3))
......@@ -2183,6 +2183,7 @@ buffers."
(setq gdb-main-file (match-string 0)))
(setq gdb-view-source nil))
(switch-to-buffer gud-comint-buffer)
(if gdb-many-windows
......@@ -2191,7 +2192,10 @@ buffers."
(other-window 1)
(if gdb-view-source
(switch-to-buffer (gud-find-file gdb-main-file))
(if gud-last-last-frame
(gud-find-file (car gud-last-last-frame))
(gud-find-file gdb-main-file)))
(switch-to-buffer (gdb-get-create-buffer 'gdb-assembler-buffer))
(setq gdb-source-window (get-buffer-window (current-buffer)))
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