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2005-12-07 Nick Roberts <>
* progmodes/gdb-ui.el (gdb-error-regexp, gdb-first-post-prompt)
(gdb-version): New variables.
(gdb-source-file-list, gdb-register-names)
(gdb-changed-registers): New variables for use with GDB 6.4+.
(gdb-ann3): Replace with...
(gdb-init-1, gdb-init-2): ...two new functions.
(gdba, gdb-prompt): Call gdb-init-1.
(gdb-get-version): New function. Call gdb-init-2 from here.
(gud-watch): Make it work with mouse events too.
(gdb-post-prompt): Don't add to queue until GDB version is known.
(gdb-speedbar-expand-node, gdb-post-prompt, gdb-registers-mode)
(gdb-locals-mode): Use gdb-version.
(gdb-memory-format-map, gdb-memory-unit-map)
(gdb-locals-watch-map): Rename from gdb-*-*-keymap.
(gdb-locals-font-lock-keywords-2): New variables.
(gdb-find-file-hook): fgfg.
(gdb-var-list-children-1, gdb-var-list-children-handler-1)
(gdb-var-update-1, gdb-var-update-handler-1)
(gdb-get-changed-registers, gdb-get-changed-registers-handler)
(gdb-stack-list-locals-handler, gdb-get-register-names): New
functions for use with GDB 6.4+.
(gdb-locals-watch-map-1): New variable for use with GDB 6.4+.
(gdb-source-file-regexp, gdb-var-list-children-regexp-1)
(gdb-var-update-regexp-1, gdb-data-list-register-values-regexp)
(gdb-data-list-register-names-regexp): New regexps for use with
GDB 6.4+.
2005-12-06 Stefan Monnier <>
* progmodes/cc-defs.el (c-emacs-features): Don't assume point-min==1.
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