Commit 7a994728 authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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(x_top_window_to_frame): Don't match menu-bar widget.

(x_window): Use applicationShellWidgetClass,
not topLevelShellWidgetClass.  Call lw_set_main_areas after
creating the menubar widget.
parent 4bcdbab1
......@@ -379,10 +379,14 @@ x_top_window_to_frame (dpyinfo, wdesc)
/* This frame matches if the window is its topmost widget. */
if (wdesc == XtWindow (x->widget))
return f;
#if 0 /* I don't know why it did this,
but it seems logically wrong,
and it causes trouble for MapNotify events. */
/* Match if the window is this frame's menubar. */
if (x->menubar_widget
&& wdesc == XtWindow (x->menubar_widget))
return f;
return 0;
......@@ -2387,7 +2391,7 @@ x_window (f, window_prompting, minibuffer_only)
XtSetArg (al[ac], XtNmappedWhenManaged, 0); ac++;
XtSetArg (al[ac], XtNborderWidth, f->display.x->border_width); ac++;
shell_widget = XtAppCreateShell (f->namebuf, EMACS_CLASS,
FRAME_X_DISPLAY (f), al, ac);
f->display.x->widget = shell_widget;
......@@ -2414,12 +2418,9 @@ x_window (f, window_prompting, minibuffer_only)
frame_widget = XtCreateWidget (f->namebuf,
pane_widget, al, ac);
lw_set_main_areas (pane_widget, f->display.x->menubar_widget, frame_widget);
f->display.x->edit_widget = frame_widget;
if (f->display.x->menubar_widget)
XtManageChild (f->display.x->menubar_widget);
XtManageChild (frame_widget);
/* Do some needed geometry management. */
......@@ -2535,6 +2536,7 @@ x_window (f, window_prompting, minibuffer_only)
if (!minibuffer_only && FRAME_EXTERNAL_MENU_BAR (f))
initialize_frame_menubar (f);
lw_set_main_areas (pane_widget, f->display.x->menubar_widget, frame_widget);
if (FRAME_X_WINDOW (f) == 0)
error ("Unable to create window");
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