Commit 7ad83a6a authored by João Távora's avatar João Távora

New jit-lock-antiblink-grace feature

* lisp/jit-lock.el (jit-lock-antiblink-grace): New user-visible variable.
(jit-lock--antiblink-grace-timer, jit-lock--antiblink-l-l-b)
(jit-lock--antiblink-i-s-o-c): New helpers.
(jit-lock-mode): Tweak post-command-hook and
(jit-lock--antiblink-post-command): New helper.
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......@@ -123,6 +123,15 @@ The value of this variable is used when JIT Lock mode is turned on."
:type '(number :tag "seconds")
:group 'jit-lock)
(defcustom jit-lock-antiblink-grace 2
"Like `jit-lock-context-time' but for unterminated multiline strings.
If the user has just opened an unterminated string at EOL, give
him/her some grace time before deciding it is a multi-line string
and fontifying accordingly, do so only if the user stares idle at
that string for more than this many seconds."
:type '(number :tag "seconds")
:group 'jit-lock)
(defcustom jit-lock-defer-time nil ;; 0.25
"Idle time after which deferred fontification should take place.
If nil, fontification is not deferred.
......@@ -157,6 +166,15 @@ If nil, contextual fontification is disabled.")
"List of buffers with pending deferred fontification.")
(defvar jit-lock-stealth-buffers nil
"List of buffers that are being fontified stealthily.")
(defvar jit-lock--antiblink-grace-timer nil
"Idle timer for fontifying unterminated string or comment, or nil")
(defvar jit-lock--antiblink-l-l-b (make-marker)
"Last line beginning (l-l-b) position after last command (a marker).")
(defvar jit-lock--antiblink-i-s-o-c nil
"In string or comment (i-s-o-c) after last command (a boolean).")
;;; JIT lock mode
......@@ -232,7 +250,10 @@ If you need to debug code run from jit-lock, see `jit-lock-debug-mode'."
(unless jit-lock-context-timer
(setq jit-lock-context-timer
(run-with-idle-timer jit-lock-context-time t
(lambda ()
(unless jit-lock--antiblink-grace-timer
(add-hook 'post-command-hook 'jit-lock--antiblink-post-command nil t)
(setq jit-lock-context-unfontify-pos
(or jit-lock-context-unfontify-pos (point-max))))
......@@ -669,6 +690,58 @@ will take place when text is fontified stealthily."
;; buffer, only jit-lock-context-* will re-fontify it.
(min jit-lock-context-unfontify-pos jit-lock-start))))))
(defun jit-lock--antiblink-post-command ()
(let* ((new-l-l-b (set-marker (make-marker) (line-beginning-position)))
(nth 8 (save-excursion (syntax-ppss (line-end-position)))))
(and jit-lock-antiblink-grace
(eq (marker-buffer jit-lock--antiblink-l-l-b) (current-buffer))
(= new-l-l-b jit-lock--antiblink-l-l-b))))
(cond (;; opened a new multiline string...
(and same-line
(null jit-lock--antiblink-i-s-o-c) new-i-s-o-c)
;; assert that the grace timer is null and schedule it
(when jit-lock--antiblink-grace-timer
'font-lock :level
"`jit-lock--antiblink-grace-timer' not null" :warning))
(setq jit-lock--antiblink-grace-timer
(run-with-idle-timer jit-lock-antiblink-grace nil
(lambda ()
(setq jit-lock--antiblink-grace-timer nil)))))
(;; closed an unterminated multiline string.
(and same-line
(null new-i-s-o-c) jit-lock--antiblink-i-s-o-c)
;; Kill the grace timer, might already have run and died.
;; Don't refontify immediately: it adds an unreasonable
;; delay to a well-behaved operation. Leave it for the
;; `jit-lock-context-timer' as usual.
(when jit-lock--antiblink-grace-timer
(cancel-timer jit-lock--antiblink-grace-timer)
(setq jit-lock--antiblink-grace-timer nil))
;; in same line, but no state change, leave everything as it was
;; left the line somehow or customized feature away, etc
;; kill timer if running, resume normal operation.
(when jit-lock--antiblink-grace-timer
;; Do refontify immediately, adding a small delay. This
;; is per Lars' request, and it makes sense because we
;; should remark somehow that we are leaving the unstable
;; state.
(cancel-timer jit-lock--antiblink-grace-timer)
(setq jit-lock--antiblink-grace-timer nil))))
;; update variables
(setq jit-lock--antiblink-l-l-b new-l-l-b
jit-lock--antiblink-i-s-o-c new-i-s-o-c)))
(provide 'jit-lock)
;;; jit-lock.el ends here
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