Commit 7b07587b authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(Fmake_chartable, Fmake_boolvector): New functions.

(syms_of_alloc): defsubr them.
parent e03f7933
......@@ -756,6 +756,25 @@ See also the function `vector'.")
return vector;
DEFUN ("make-char-table", Fmake_char_table, Smake_char_table, 0, 2, 0,
"Return a newly created char-table, with N \"extra\" slots.\n\
Each element is initialized to INIT, which defaults to nil.\n\
N may not be more than ten.\n\
See `char-table-extra-slot' and `set-char-table-extra-slot'.")
(n, init)
register Lisp_Object n, init;
Lisp_Object vector;
if (XINT (n) < 0 || XINT (n) > 10)
args_out_of_range (n, Qnil);
/* Add 2 to the size for the defalt and parent slots. */
vector = Fmake_vector (make_number (CHAR_TABLE_STANDARD_SLOTS + XINT (n)),
XSETCHAR_TABLE (vector, XCHAR_TABLE (vector));
return vector;
DEFUN ("vector", Fvector, Svector, 0, MANY, 0,
"Return a newly created vector with specified arguments as elements.\n\
Any number of arguments, even zero arguments, are allowed.")
......@@ -1053,6 +1072,38 @@ Both LENGTH and INIT must be numbers.")
return val;
DEFUN ("make-bool-vector", Fmake_bool_vector, Smake_bool_vector, 2, 2, 0,
"Return a newly created bitstring of length LENGTH, with INIT as each element.\n\
Both LENGTH and INIT must be numbers. INIT matters only in whether it is t or nil.")
(length, init)
Lisp_Object length, init;
register Lisp_Object val;
struct Lisp_Bool_Vector *p;
int real_init, i;
int length_in_chars, length_in_elts, bits_per_value;
CHECK_NATNUM (length, 0);
bits_per_value = sizeof (EMACS_INT) * INTBITS / sizeof (int);
length_in_elts = (XFASTINT (length) + bits_per_value - 1) / bits_per_value;
length_in_chars = length_in_elts * sizeof (EMACS_INT);
val = Fmake_vector (make_number (length_in_elts), Qnil);
p = XBOOL_VECTOR (val);
/* Get rid of any bits that would cause confusion. */
p->vector_size = 0;
p->size = XFASTINT (length);
real_init = (NILP (init) ? 0 : -1);
for (i = 0; i < length_in_chars ; i++)
p->data[i] = real_init;
return val;
make_string (contents, length)
char *contents;
......@@ -1751,6 +1802,8 @@ mark_object (objptr)
mark_object (&ptr->buffer_predicate);
#endif /* MULTI_FRAME */
else if (GC_BOOL_VECTOR_P (obj))
register struct Lisp_Vector *ptr = XVECTOR (obj);
......@@ -2560,7 +2613,9 @@ which includes both saved text and other data.");
defsubr (&Smake_byte_code);
defsubr (&Smake_list);
defsubr (&Smake_vector);
defsubr (&Smake_char_table);
defsubr (&Smake_string);
defsubr (&Smake_bool_vector);
defsubr (&Smake_symbol);
defsubr (&Smake_marker);
defsubr (&Spurecopy);
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