Commit 7b3747f9 authored by Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen's avatar Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen
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(Frequire): Mention get-load-suffixes.

parent 61352f62
2011-07-02 Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen <>
* fns.c (Frequire): Mention .el.gz files (bug#7314).
(Frequire): Mention get-load-suffixes.
2011-07-02 Martin Rudalics <>
......@@ -2613,7 +2613,8 @@ is not loaded; so load the file FILENAME.
If FILENAME is omitted, the printname of FEATURE is used as the file name,
and `load' will try to load this name appended with the suffix `.elc' or
`.el', in that order. The name without appended suffix will not be used.
If your system supports it, `.el.gz' files will also be considered.
If your system supports it, `.elc.gz' and `.el.gz' files will also be
considered. See `get-load-suffixes' for the complete list of suffixes.
If the optional third argument NOERROR is non-nil,
then return nil if the file is not found instead of signaling an error.
Normally the return value is FEATURE.
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