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Document `toggle-frame-maximized' and `toggle-frame-fullscreen'.

* doc/emacs/frames.texi: Document `toggle-frame-maximized' and
`toggle-frame-fullscreen' with their respective keys.
parent bac0e622
2013-12-20 Tassilo Horn <>
* frames.texi: Document `toggle-frame-maximized' and
`toggle-frame-fullscreen' with their respective keys.
* buffers.texi: Document buffer name uniquification changes.
* indent.texi: Document that `electric-indent-mode' is enabled by
......@@ -453,6 +453,16 @@ cycles through all the frames on your terminal.
@kindex C-x 5 1
@findex delete-other-frames
Delete all frames on the current terminal, except the selected one.
@item M-<F10>
@kindex M-<F10>
@findex toggle-frame-maximized
Toggle maximization state of the current frame.
@item <F11>
@kindex <F11>
@findex toggle-frame-fullscreen
Toggle fullscreen mode of the current frame.
@end table
The @kbd{C-x 5 0} (@code{delete-frame}) command deletes the selected
......@@ -244,6 +244,7 @@ As a command it was a special case of `split-window-below', and as such
superfluous. After being reimplemented in Lisp, its interactive form
was mistakenly retained.
** New commands `toggle-frame-fullscreen' and `toggle-frame-maximized',
bound to <f11> and M-<f10>, respectively.
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