Commit 7badea30 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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Change "wrapped" to "overwrapped" when past original start point.
parent 0d48fc0a
......@@ -1312,6 +1312,11 @@ If there is no completion possible, say so and continue searching."
;; If currently failing, display no ellipsis.
(or isearch-success (setq ellipsis nil))
(let ((m (concat (if isearch-success "" "failing ")
(if (and isearch-wrapped
(if isearch-forward
(> (point) isearch-opoint)
(< (point) isearch-opoint)))
(if isearch-wrapped "wrapped ")
(if isearch-word "word " "")
(if isearch-regexp "regexp " "")
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