Commit 7bf5350d authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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(news-reply-mode-map): Delete news-reply-signature.

(news-reply-signature): Improve the message.

(news-reply-yank-message-id, news-reply-yank-from):
Fix swapped args in defvars.
parent 44bea10a
......@@ -96,8 +96,6 @@
(cons "News" (make-sparse-keymap "News")))
(define-key news-reply-mode-map [menu-bar news news-caesar-buffer-body]
'("Rot13" . news-caesar-buffer-body))
(define-key news-reply-mode-map [menu-bar news news-reply-signature]
'("Signature" . news-reply-signature))
(define-key news-reply-mode-map [menu-bar news news-reply-yank-original]
'("Yank Original" . news-reply-yank-original))
(define-key news-reply-mode-map [menu-bar news mail-fill-yanked-message]
......@@ -140,13 +138,11 @@ C-c C-r caesar rotate all letters by 13 places in the article's body (rot13)."
(run-hooks 'text-mode-hook 'news-reply-mode-hook))
(defvar news-reply-yank-from
"Save `From:' field for `news-reply-yank-original'."
(defvar news-reply-yank-from ""
"Save `From:' field for `news-reply-yank-original'.")
(defvar news-reply-yank-message-id
"Save `Message-Id:' field for `news-reply-yank-original'."
(defvar news-reply-yank-message-id ""
"Save `Message-Id:' field for `news-reply-yank-original'.")
(defun news-reply-yank-original (arg)
"Insert the message being replied to, if any (in Mail mode).
......@@ -222,7 +218,7 @@ summary (abstract) of the message."
(defun news-reply-signature ()
"The inews program appends `~/.signature' automatically."
(message "`~/.signature' will be appended automatically."))
(message "Posting news will append your signature automatically."))
(defun news-setup (to subject in-reply-to newsgroups replybuffer)
"Set up the news reply or posting buffer with the proper headers and mode."
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