Commit 7bf65920 authored by Alan Mackenzie's avatar Alan Mackenzie

Remove the now unneeded c-font-lock-flush from CC Mode.

* lisp/progmodes/cc-defs.el (c-font-lock-flush): Delete this macro.

* lisp/progmodes/cc-engine.el (c-propertize-raw-string-opener): Delete the
call to the macro.
parent e5a4d1a0
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......@@ -219,13 +219,6 @@ This variant works around bugs in `eval-when-compile' in various
`(cl-delete-duplicates ,cl-seq ,@cl-keys)
`(delete-duplicates ,cl-seq ,@cl-keys))))
(defmacro c-font-lock-flush (beg end)
"Declare the region BEG...END's fontification as out-of-date.
On XEmacs and older Emacsen, this refontifies that region immediately."
(if (fboundp 'font-lock-flush)
`(font-lock-flush ,beg ,end)
`(font-lock-fontify-region ,beg ,end)))
(defmacro c-point (position &optional point)
"Return the value of certain commonly referenced POSITIONs relative to POINT.
The current point is used if POINT isn't specified. POSITION can be
......@@ -7259,9 +7259,7 @@ comment at the start of cc-engine.el for more info."
;; (c-put-char-property open-paren 'syntax-table '(1))
(goto-char bound))
;; Ensure the opening delimiter will get refontified.
(c-font-lock-flush (1- open-quote) (1+ open-paren))))
(defun c-after-change-unmark-raw-strings (beg end _old-len)
;; This function removes `syntax-table' text properties from any raw strings
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