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2005-05-23 Martin Stjernholm <>
CC Mode update to 5.30.10:
* cc-fonts.el (c-font-lock-declarators): Fixed bug where the point
could go past the limit in decoration level 2, thereby causing
errors during interactive fontification.
* cc-mode.el (c-make-inherited-keymap): Fixed cc-bytecomp bug when
the file is evaluated interactively.
* cc-engine.el (c-guess-basic-syntax): Handle operator
declarations somewhat better in C++.
* cc-styles.el, cc-mode.el (c-run-mode-hooks): New helper macro to
make use of `run-mode-hooks' which has been added in Emacs 21.1.
(c-mode, c++-mode, objc-mode, java-mode, idl-mode, pike-mode,
awk-mode): Use it.
(make-local-hook): Suppress warning about obsoleteness.
* cc-engine.el, cc-align.el, cc-cmds.el
(c-append-backslashes-forward, c-delete-backslashes-forward,
c-find-decl-spots, c-semi&comma-no-newlines-before-nonblanks):
Compensate for return value from `forward-line' when it has moved
but not to a different line due to eob.
* cc-engine.el (c-guess-basic-syntax): Fixed anchoring in
`objc-method-intro' and `objc-method-args-cont'.
2005-05-23 Alan Mackenzie <>
CC Mode update to 5.30.10:
* cc-mode.el, cc-engine.el, cc-align.el: Change the FSF's address
in the copyright statement. Incidentally, change "along with GNU
Emacs" to "along with this program" where it occurs.
* cc-mode.el: Add a fourth parameter `t' to the awk-mode autoload,
so that it is interactive, hence can be found by M-x awk-mode
whilst cc-mode is yet to be loaded. Reported by Glenn Morris
* cc-awk.el: Add character classes (e.g. "[:alpha:]") into AWK
Mode's regexps.
2005-05-23 Kevin Ryde <>:
* cc-align.el (c-lineup-argcont): Ignore conses for {} pairs from
c-parse-state, to avoid a lisp error (on bad code).
2005-05-23 Lute Kamstra <>
* subr.el (font-lock-defaults): Remove defvar as it's already
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