Commit 7c1f66a9 authored by Joakim Verona's avatar Joakim Verona

Support for the new Xwidget feature.

* xterm.c (x_draw_glyph_string, x_draw_bar_cursor):
* xdisp.c:
(handle_display_spec, handle_single_display_spec, push_it)
(pop_it, set_iterator_to_next, dump_glyph)
(calc_pixel_width_or_height, fill_xwidget_glyph_string)
(produce_xwidget_glyph, x_produce_glyphs)
* window.c (Fdelete_window_internal):
* termhooks.h (e):
* print.c (print_object):
* lisp.h (ptrdiff_t):
* keyboard.c (kbd_buffer_get_event, make_lispy_event)
* emacs.c (main):
* dispnew.c (update_window, scrolling_window):
* dispextern.h (g, i):
* keyboard.c (kbd_buffer_get_event):
* emacsgtkfixed.c (emacs_fixed_gtk_widget_size_allocate)
(emacs_fixed_class_init): Add case for an xwidget view.

* xwidget.c, xwidget.h, xwidget.el: New files for xwidgets
Co-authored-by: default avatarGrégoire Jadi  <>

Various improvements to the Xwidget feature.
* xwidgets.c:
* emacsgtkfixed.c:
* xwidget.el:
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......@@ -373,6 +373,9 @@ otherwise for the first of 'inotify' or 'gfile' that is usable.])
[enable use of some gtk widgets in Emacs buffers])
## For the times when you want to build Emacs but don't have
## a suitable makeinfo, and can live without the manuals.
......@@ -2562,6 +2565,42 @@ if test "${HAVE_GTK}" = "yes"; then
if test "$with_xwidgets" != "no" && test "$USE_GTK_TOOLKIT" = "GTK3" &&
test "$window_system" != "none"
AC_DEFINE([HAVE_XWIDGETS], 1, [Define to 1 if you have xwidgets support.])
dnl xwidgets
dnl - enable only if GTK3 is enabled, and we have a window system
dnl - check for webkit and gobject introspection
dnl webkit version for gtk3.
if test "${with_gtk3}" = "yes"; then
if test $HAVE_WEBKIT = yes; then
[Define to 1 if you have webkit_osr support.])
GIR_MODULES="gobject-introspection-1.0 >= $GIR_REQUIRED"
if test $HAVE_GIR = yes; then
AC_DEFINE([HAVE_GIR], 1, [Define to 1 if you have GIR support.])
......@@ -4925,6 +4964,9 @@ case "$USE_X_TOOLKIT" in
none) test "x$HAVE_GTK" = "xyes" && TOOLKIT_LIBW="$GTK_LIBS" ;;
if test "$HAVE_XWIDGETS" = "yes"; then
if test "${opsys}" != "mingw32"; then
......@@ -5264,6 +5306,9 @@ AS_ECHO([" Does Emacs use -lXaw3d? ${HAVE_XAW3D
Does Emacs directly use zlib? ${HAVE_ZLIB}
Does Emacs have dynamic modules support? ${HAVE_MODULES}
Does Emacs use toolkit scroll bars? ${USE_TOOLKIT_SCROLL_BARS}
Does Emacs support Xwidgets? ${HAVE_XWIDGETS}
Does xwidgets support webkit(requires gtk3)? ${HAVE_WEBKIT}
Does xwidgets support gobject introspection? ${HAVE_GIR}
if test -n "${EMACSDATA}"; then
......@@ -120,6 +120,21 @@ and can contain escape sequences for command keys, quotes, and the like.
* Changes in Emacs 25.1
** Xwidgets : A new feature for embedding native widgets
inside Emacs buffers. If you have gtk3 and webkit-devel installed, you
can access the embedded webkit browser with m-x
xwidget-webkit-browse-url. This will open a new buffer with the
embedded browser. The buffer will have a new mode, xwidget-webkit
mode which is similar to image mode, which supports the webkit widget.
*** New functions for xwidget-webkit mode `xwidget-webkit-insert-string',
`xwidget-webkit-adjust-size-dispatch', `xwidget-webkit-back',
`xwidget-webkit-browse-url', `xwidget-webkit-reload',
`xwidget-webkit-current-url', `xwidget-webkit-scroll-backward',
`xwidget-webkit-scroll-forward', `xwidget-webkit-scroll-down',
** Emacs can now load shared/dynamic libraries (modules).
A dynamic Emacs module is a shared library that provides additional
;;; xwidget.el --- api functions for xwidgets -*- lexical-binding: t -*-
;; Copyright (C) 2011-2015 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
;; Author: Joakim Verona (
;; This file is part of GNU Emacs.
;; GNU Emacs is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
;; (at your option) any later version.
;; GNU Emacs is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; GNU General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with GNU Emacs. If not, see <>.
;; --------------------------------------------------------------------
;;; Commentary:
;; See xwidget.c for more api functions
;;TODO this breaks compilation when we dont have xwidgets
;;(require 'xwidget-internal)
;;; Code:
(require 'cl-lib)
(require 'reporter)
(require 'bookmark)
(defcustom xwidget-webkit-scroll-behaviour 'native
"Scroll behaviour of the webkit instance.
'native or 'image."
:group 'xwidgets)
(defun xwidget-insert (pos type title width height &optional args)
"Insert an xwidget at POS.
HEIGHT in the current buffer.
Return ID
see `make-xwidget' for types suitable for TYPE.
Optional argument ARGS usage depends on the xwidget."
(goto-char pos)
(let ((id (make-xwidget (point) (point)
type title width height args)))
(put-text-property (point) (+ 1 (point))
'display (list 'xwidget ':xwidget id))
(defun xwidget-at (pos)
"Return xwidget at POS."
;;TODO this function is a bit tedious because the C layer isnt well
;;protected yet and xwidgetp aparently doesnt work yet
(let* ((disp (get-text-property pos 'display))
(xw (car (cdr (cdr disp)))))
;;(if ( xwidgetp xw) xw nil)
(if (equal 'xwidget (car disp)) xw)))
;;; webkit support
(require 'browse-url)
(require 'image-mode);;for some image-mode alike functionality
(defun xwidget-webkit-browse-url (url &optional new-session)
"Ask xwidget-webkit to browse URL.
NEW-SESSION specifies whether to create a new xwidget-webkit session. URL
defaults to the string looking like a url around the cursor position."
(interactive (progn
(require 'browse-url)
(browse-url-interactive-arg "xwidget-webkit URL: "
;;( xwidget-webkit-current-url)
(when (stringp url)
(if new-session
(xwidget-webkit-new-session url)
(xwidget-webkit-goto-url url))))
;;shims for adapting image mode code to the webkit browser window
(defun xwidget-image-display-size (spec &optional pixels frame)
"Image code adaptor. SPEC PIXELS FRAME like the corresponding
`image-mode' fn."
(let ((xwi (xwidget-info (xwidget-at 1))))
(cons (aref xwi 2)
(aref xwi 3))))
(defadvice image-display-size (around image-display-size-for-xwidget
(spec &optional pixels frame)
"Advice for re-using image mode for xwidget."
(if (eq (car spec) 'xwidget)
(setq ad-return-value (xwidget-image-display-size spec pixels frame))
;; - check that the webkit support is compiled in
(defvar xwidget-webkit-mode-map
(let ((map (make-sparse-keymap)))
(define-key map "g" 'xwidget-webkit-browse-url)
(define-key map "a" 'xwidget-webkit-adjust-size-dispatch)
(define-key map "b" 'xwidget-webkit-back )
(define-key map "r" 'xwidget-webkit-reload )
(define-key map "t" (lambda () (interactive) (message "o")) )
(define-key map "\C-m" 'xwidget-webkit-insert-string)
(define-key map "w" 'xwidget-webkit-current-url)
;;similar to image mode bindings
(define-key map (kbd "SPC") 'xwidget-webkit-scroll-up)
(define-key map (kbd "DEL") 'xwidget-webkit-scroll-down)
(define-key map [remap scroll-up] 'xwidget-webkit-scroll-up)
(define-key map [remap scroll-up-command] 'xwidget-webkit-scroll-up)
(define-key map [remap scroll-down] 'xwidget-webkit-scroll-down)
(define-key map [remap scroll-down-command] 'xwidget-webkit-scroll-down)
(define-key map [remap forward-char] 'xwidget-webkit-scroll-forward)
(define-key map [remap backward-char] 'xwidget-webkit-scroll-backward)
(define-key map [remap right-char] 'xwidget-webkit-scroll-forward)
(define-key map [remap left-char] 'xwidget-webkit-scroll-backward)
;; (define-key map [remap previous-line] 'image-previous-line)
;; (define-key map [remap next-line] 'image-next-line)
;; (define-key map [remap move-beginning-of-line] 'image-bol)
;; (define-key map [remap move-end-of-line] 'image-eol)
;; (define-key map [remap beginning-of-buffer] 'image-bob)
;; (define-key map [remap end-of-buffer] 'image-eob)
"Keymap for `xwidget-webkit-mode'.")
(defun xwidget-webkit-scroll-up ()
"Scroll webkit up,either native or like image mode."
(if (eq xwidget-webkit-scroll-behaviour 'native)
(xwidget-set-adjustment (xwidget-webkit-last-session) 'vertical t 50)
(defun xwidget-webkit-scroll-down ()
"Scroll webkit down,either native or like image mode."
(if (eq xwidget-webkit-scroll-behaviour 'native)
(xwidget-set-adjustment (xwidget-webkit-last-session) 'vertical t -50)
(defun xwidget-webkit-scroll-forward ()
"Scroll webkit forward,either native or like image mode."
(if (eq xwidget-webkit-scroll-behaviour 'native)
(xwidget-set-adjustment (xwidget-webkit-last-session) 'horizontal t 50)
(defun xwidget-webkit-scroll-backward ()
"Scroll webkit backward,either native or like image mode."
(if (eq xwidget-webkit-scroll-behaviour 'native)
(xwidget-set-adjustment (xwidget-webkit-last-session) 'horizontal t -50)
;;the xwidget event needs to go into a higher level handler
;;since the xwidget can generate an event even if its offscreen
;;TODO this needs to use callbacks and consider different xw ev types
(define-key (current-global-map) [xwidget-event] 'xwidget-event-handler)
(defun xwidget-log ( &rest msg)
"Log MSG to a buffer."
(let ( (buf (get-buffer-create "*xwidget-log*")))
(buffer-disable-undo buf)
(set-buffer buf)
(insert (apply 'format msg))
(insert "\n"))))
(defun xwidget-event-handler ()
"Receive xwidget event."
(xwidget-log "stuff happened to xwidget %S" last-input-event)
((xwidget-event-type (nth 1 last-input-event))
(xwidget (nth 2 last-input-event))
;;(xwidget-callback (xwidget-get xwidget 'callback))
;;TODO stopped working for some reason
;;(funcall xwidget-callback xwidget xwidget-event-type)
(message "xw callback %s" xwidget)
(funcall 'xwidget-webkit-callback xwidget xwidget-event-type)))
(defun xwidget-webkit-callback (xwidget xwidget-event-type)
"Callback for xwidgets.
XWIDGET instance, XWIDGET-EVENT-TYPE depends on the originating xwidget."
(cond ((buffer-live-p (xwidget-buffer xwidget))
(set-buffer (xwidget-buffer xwidget))
(let* ((strarg (nth 3 last-input-event)))
(cond ((eq xwidget-event-type 'document-load-finished)
(xwidget-log "webkit finished loading: '%s'"
(xwidget-webkit-get-title xwidget))
;;TODO - check the native/internal scroll
;;(xwidget-adjust-size-to-content xwidget)
(xwidget-webkit-adjust-size-dispatch) ;;TODO xwidget arg
(rename-buffer (format "*xwidget webkit: %s *"
(xwidget-webkit-get-title xwidget)))
(pop-to-buffer (current-buffer)))
((eq xwidget-event-type
(if (string-match ".*#\\(.*\\)" strarg)
(match-string 1 strarg))))
(t (xwidget-log "unhandled event:%s" xwidget-event-type)))))
(t (xwidget-log
"error: callback called for xwidget with dead buffer")))))
(defvar bookmark-make-record-function)
(define-derived-mode xwidget-webkit-mode
special-mode "xwidget-webkit" "xwidget webkit view mode"
(setq buffer-read-only t)
(setq-local bookmark-make-record-function
;; Keep track of [vh]scroll when switching buffers
(defun xwidget-webkit-bookmark-make-record ()
"Integrate Emacs bookmarks with the webkit xwidget."
(nconc (bookmark-make-record-default t t)
`((page . ,(xwidget-webkit-current-url))
(handler . (lambda (bmk) (browse-url
(bookmark-prop-get bmk 'page)))))))
(defvar xwidget-webkit-last-session-buffer nil)
(defun xwidget-webkit-last-session ()
"Last active webkit, or nil."
(if (buffer-live-p xwidget-webkit-last-session-buffer)
(with-current-buffer xwidget-webkit-last-session-buffer
(xwidget-at 1))
(defun xwidget-webkit-current-session ()
"Either the webkit in the current buffer, or the last one used,
which might be nil."
(if (xwidget-at 1)
(xwidget-at 1)
(defun xwidget-adjust-size-to-content (xw)
"Resize XW to content."
;;xwidgets doesnt support widgets that have their own opinions about
;;size well yet this reads the desired size and resizes the emacs
;;allocated area accordingly
(let ((size (xwidget-size-request xw)))
(xwidget-resize xw (car size) (cadr size))))
(defvar xwidget-webkit-activeelement-js"
function findactiveelement(doc){
if(doc.activeElement.value != undefined){
return doc.activeElement;
// recurse over the child documents:
var frames = doc.getElementsByTagName('frame');
for (var i = 0; i < frames.length; i++)
var d = frames[i].contentDocument;
var rv = findactiveelement(d);
if(rv != undefined){
return rv;
return undefined;
"javascript that finds the active element."
;;yes its ugly. because:
;; - there is aparently no way to find the active frame other than recursion
;; - the js "for each" construct missbehaved on the "frames" collection
;; - a window with no frameset still has frames.length == 1, but
;; frames[0].document.activeElement != document.activeElement
;;TODO the activeelement type needs to be examined, for iframe, etc.
(defun xwidget-webkit-insert-string (xw str)
"Insert string in the active field in the webkit.
Argument XW webkit.
Argument STR string."
;;read out the string in the field first and provide for edit
(let* ((xww (xwidget-webkit-current-session))
(xwidget-webkit-execute-script xww xwidget-webkit-activeelement-js)
"findactiveelement(document).value;" )))
(field-type (xwidget-webkit-execute-script-rv
"findactiveelement(document).type;" )))
(list xww
(cond ((equal "text" field-type)
(read-string "text:" field-value))
((equal "password" field-type)
(read-passwd "password:" nil field-value))
((equal "textarea" field-type)
(xwidget-webkit-begin-edit-textarea xww field-value))))))
(format "findactiveelement(document).value='%s'" str)))
(defvar xwidget-xwbl)
(defun xwidget-webkit-begin-edit-textarea (xw text)
"Start editing of a webkit text area.
XW is the xwidget identifier, TEXT is retrieved from the webkit."
(generate-new-buffer "textarea"))
(set (make-local-variable 'xwidget-xwbl) xw)
(insert text))
(defun xwidget-webkit-end-edit-textarea ()
"End editing of a webkit text area."
(goto-char (point-min))
(while (search-forward "\n" nil t)
(replace-match "\\n" nil t))
(format "findactiveelement(document).value='%s'"
(buffer-substring (point-min) (point-max))))
;;TODO convert linefeed to \n
(defun xwidget-webkit-show-named-element (xw element-name)
"Make named-element show. for instance an anchor.
Argument XW is the xwidget.
Argument ELEMENT-NAME is the element name to display in the webkit xwidget."
(interactive (list (xwidget-webkit-current-session)
(read-string "element name:")))
;;TODO since an xwidget is an Emacs object, it is not trivial to do
;; some things that are taken for granted in a normal browser.
;; scrolling an anchor/named-element into view is one such thing.
;; This function implements a proof-of-concept for this. Problems
;; remaining: - The selected window is scrolled but this is not
;; always correct - This needs to be interfaced into browse-url
;; somehow. the tricky part is that we need to do this in two steps:
;; A: load the base url, wait for load signal to arrive B: navigate
;; to the anchor when the base url is finished rendering
;; This part figures out the Y coordinate of the element
(let ((y (string-to-number
;; Now we need to tell emacs to scroll the element into view.
(xwidget-log "scroll: %d" y)
(set-window-vscroll (selected-window) y t)))
(defun xwidget-webkit-show-id-element (xw element-id)
"Make id-element show. for instance an anchor.
Argument XW is the webkit xwidget.
Argument ELEMENT-ID is the id of the element to show."
(interactive (list (xwidget-webkit-current-session)
(read-string "element id:")))
(let ((y (string-to-number
(format "document.getElementById('%s').getBoundingClientRect().top"
;; Now we need to tell emacs to scroll the element into view.
(xwidget-log "scroll: %d" y)
(set-window-vscroll (selected-window) y t)))
(defun xwidget-webkit-show-id-or-named-element (xw element-id)
"Make id-element show. for instance an anchor.
Argument XW is the webkit xwidget.
Argument ELEMENT-ID is either a name or an element id."
(interactive (list (xwidget-webkit-current-session)
(read-string "element id:")))
(let* ((y1 (string-to-number
(format "document.getElementsByName('%s')[0].getBoundingClientRect().top" element-id)
(y2 (string-to-number
(format "document.getElementById('%s').getBoundingClientRect().top" element-id)
(y3 (max y1 y2)))
;; Now we need to tell emacs to scroll the element into view.
(xwidget-log "scroll: %d" y3)
(set-window-vscroll (selected-window) y3 t)))
(defun xwidget-webkit-adjust-size-to-content ()
"Adjust webkit to content size."
(xwidget-adjust-size-to-content (xwidget-webkit-current-session)))
(defun xwidget-webkit-adjust-size-dispatch ()
"Adjust size according to mode."
(if (eq xwidget-webkit-scroll-behaviour 'native)
;; The recenter is intended to correct a visual glitch.
;; It errors out if the buffer isn't visible, but then we dont get the glitch,
;; so silence errors
(defun xwidget-webkit-adjust-size-to-window ()
"Adjust webkit to window."
(xwidget-resize ( xwidget-webkit-current-session) (window-pixel-width)
(defun xwidget-webkit-adjust-size (w h)
"Manualy set webkit size.
Argument W width.
Argument H height."
;; TODO shouldn't be tied to the webkit xwidget
(interactive "nWidth:\nnHeight:\n")
(xwidget-resize ( xwidget-webkit-current-session) w h))
(defun xwidget-webkit-fit-width ()
"Adjust width of webkit to window width."
(xwidget-webkit-adjust-size (- (nth 2 (window-inside-pixel-edges))
(car (window-inside-pixel-edges)))
(defun xwidget-webkit-new-session (url)
"Create a new webkit session buffer with URL."
((bufname (generate-new-buffer-name "*xwidget-webkit*"))
(setq xwidget-webkit-last-session-buffer (switch-to-buffer
(get-buffer-create bufname)))
(insert " 'a' adjusts the xwidget size.")
(setq xw (xwidget-insert 1 'webkit-osr bufname 1000 1000))
(xwidget-put xw 'callback 'xwidget-webkit-callback)
(xwidget-webkit-goto-uri (xwidget-webkit-last-session) url )))
(defun xwidget-webkit-goto-url (url)
"Goto URL."
(if (xwidget-webkit-current-session)
(xwidget-webkit-goto-uri (xwidget-webkit-current-session) url))
(xwidget-webkit-new-session url)))
(defun xwidget-webkit-back ()
"Back in history."
(xwidget-webkit-execute-script (xwidget-webkit-current-session)
(defun xwidget-webkit-reload ()
"Reload current url."
(xwidget-webkit-execute-script (xwidget-webkit-current-session)
(defun xwidget-webkit-current-url ()
"Get the webkit url. place it on kill ring."
(let* ((rv (xwidget-webkit-execute-script-rv (xwidget-webkit-current-session)
(url (kill-new (or rv ""))))
(message "url: %s" url )
(defun xwidget-webkit-execute-script-rv (xw script &optional default)
"Same as 'xwidget-webkit-execute-script' but but with return value.
XW is the webkit instance. SCRIPT is the script to execut.
DEFAULT is the defaultreturn value."
;; Notice the ugly "title" hack. It is needed because the Webkit
;; API at the time of writing didn't support returning values. This
;; is a wrapper for the title hack so its easy to remove should
;; Webkit someday support JS return values or we find some other way
;; to access the DOM.
;; Reset webkit title. Not very nice.
(let* ((emptytag "titlecantbewhitespaceohthehorror")
(xwidget-webkit-execute-script xw (format "document.title=\"%s\";"
(or default emptytag)))
(xwidget-webkit-execute-script xw (format "document.title=%s;" script))
(setq title (xwidget-webkit-get-title xw))
(if (equal emptytag title)
(setq title ""))
(unless title
(setq title default))
;; Use declare here?
;; (declare-function xwidget-resize-internal "xwidget.c" )
;; check-declare-function?
(defun xwidget-webkit-get-selection ()
"Get the webkit selection."
(xwidget-webkit-execute-script-rv (xwidget-webkit-current-session)
(defun xwidget-webkit-copy-selection-as-kill ()
"Get the webkit selection and put it on the kill ring."
(kill-new (xwidget-webkit-get-selection)))
;; Xwidget plist management(similar to the process plist functions)
(defun xwidget-get (xwidget propname)
"Return the value of XWIDGET' PROPNAME property.
This is the last value stored with `(xwidget-put XWIDGET PROPNAME VALUE)'."
(plist-get (xwidget-plist xwidget) propname))
(defun xwidget-put (xwidget propname value)
"Change XWIDGET' PROPNAME property to VALUE.
It can be retrieved with `(xwidget-get XWIDGET PROPNAME)'."
(set-xwidget-plist xwidget
(plist-put (xwidget-plist xwidget) propname value)))
(defun xwidget-delete-zombies ()
"Helper for `xwidget-cleanup'."
(dolist (xwidget-view xwidget-view-list)
(when (or (not (window-live-p (xwidget-view-window xwidget-view)))
(not (memq (xwidget-view-model xwidget-view)
(delete-xwidget-view xwidget-view))))