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(image-load-path-for-library): Merge at least three functions from

Gnus and MH-E into this one function that can now be shared.
parent a2c7d24f
2006-03-10 Bill Wohler <>
* image.el (image-load-path-for-library): Merge at least three
functions from Gnus and MH-E into this one function that can now
be shared.
2006-03-11 Nick Roberts <>
* progmodes/gdb-ui.el (gdb-remove-text-properties): Rename from
......@@ -77,6 +77,80 @@ value is used as a list of directories to search.")
(list (file-name-as-directory (expand-file-name "images" data-directory))
'data-directory 'load-path)))
(defun image-load-path-for-library (library image &optional path)
"Return a suitable search path for images relative to LIBRARY.
Images for LIBRARY are searched for in \"../../etc/images\" and
\"../etc/images\" relative to the files in \"lisp/LIBRARY\" as
well as in `image-load-path' and `load-path'.
This function returns the value of `load-path' augmented with the
path to IMAGE. If PATH is given, it is used instead of
Here is an example that uses a common idiom to provide
compatibility with versions of Emacs that lack the variable
(let ((load-path
(image-load-path-for-library \"mh-e\" \"mh-logo.xpm\"))
(image-load-path-for-library \"mh-e\" \"mh-logo.xpm\" 'image-load-path)))
(unless library (error "No library specified"))
(unless image (error "No image specified"))
(let ((image-directory))
;; Try relative setting.
((let (library-name d1ei d2ei)
;; First, find library in the load-path.
(setq library-name (locate-library library))
(if (not library-name)
(error "Cannot find library %s in load-path" library))
;; And then set image-directory relative to that.
;; Go down 2 levels.
d2ei (expand-file-name
(concat (file-name-directory library-name) "../../etc/images"))
;; Go down 1 level.
d1ei (expand-file-name
(concat (file-name-directory library-name) "../etc/images")))
(setq image-directory
;; Set it to nil if image is not found.
(cond ((file-exists-p (expand-file-name image d2ei)) d2ei)
((file-exists-p (expand-file-name image d1ei)) d1ei)))))
;; Check for images in image-load-path or load-path.
((let ((img image)
(dir (or
;; Images in image-load-path.
(image-search-load-path image)
;; Images in load-path.
(locate-library image)))
;; Since the image might be in a nested directory (for
;; example, mail/attach.pbm), adjust `image-directory'
;; accordingly.
(and dir
(setq dir (file-name-directory dir))
(while (setq parent (file-name-directory img))
(setq img (directory-file-name parent)
dir (expand-file-name "../" dir)))
(setq image-directory dir)))))
(error "Could not find image %s for library %s" image library)))
;; Return augmented `image-load-path' or `load-path'.
(cond ((and path (symbolp path))
(nconc (list image-directory)
(delete image-directory
(if (boundp path)
(copy-sequence (symbol-value path))
(nconc (list image-directory)
(delete image-directory (copy-sequence load-path)))))))
(defun image-jpeg-p (data)
"Value is non-nil if DATA, a string, consists of JFIF image data.
We accept the tag Exif because that is the same format."
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