Commit 7c675026 authored by Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen's avatar Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen
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* src/gnutls.c: Add Windows specs for gnutls_dh_get_prime_bits.

parent 6b1ab80e
......@@ -8,6 +8,8 @@
(gnutls_certificate_details): Put :signature-algorithm back again,
which was removed by mistake.
* gnutls.c: Add Windows specs for gnutls_dh_get_prime_bits.
2014-12-07 Jan Djärv <>
* nsimage.m (setPixmapData): Make bmRep local so class member is not
......@@ -115,6 +115,7 @@ DEF_GNUTLS_FN (int, gnutls_credentials_set,
DEF_GNUTLS_FN (void, gnutls_deinit, (gnutls_session_t));
DEF_GNUTLS_FN (void, gnutls_dh_set_prime_bits,
(gnutls_session_t, unsigned int));
DEF_GNUTLS_FN (int, gnutls_dh_get_prime_bits, (gnutls_session_t));
DEF_GNUTLS_FN (int, gnutls_error_is_fatal, (int));
DEF_GNUTLS_FN (int, gnutls_global_init, (void));
DEF_GNUTLS_FN (void, gnutls_global_set_log_function, (gnutls_log_func));
......@@ -221,6 +222,7 @@ init_gnutls_functions (void)
LOAD_GNUTLS_FN (library, gnutls_credentials_set);
LOAD_GNUTLS_FN (library, gnutls_deinit);
LOAD_GNUTLS_FN (library, gnutls_dh_set_prime_bits);
LOAD_GNUTLS_FN (library, gnutls_dh_get_prime_bits);
LOAD_GNUTLS_FN (library, gnutls_error_is_fatal);
LOAD_GNUTLS_FN (library, gnutls_global_init);
LOAD_GNUTLS_FN (library, gnutls_global_set_log_function);
......@@ -299,6 +301,7 @@ init_gnutls_functions (void)
#define fn_gnutls_credentials_set gnutls_credentials_set
#define fn_gnutls_deinit gnutls_deinit
#define fn_gnutls_dh_set_prime_bits gnutls_dh_set_prime_bits
#define fn_gnutls_dh_get_prime_bits gnutls_dh_get_prime_bits
#define fn_gnutls_error_is_fatal gnutls_error_is_fatal
#define fn_gnutls_global_init gnutls_global_init
#define fn_gnutls_global_set_log_function gnutls_global_set_log_function
......@@ -1041,7 +1044,7 @@ The return value is a property list with top-level keys :warnings and
/* Diffie-Hellman prime bits. */
int bits = gnutls_dh_get_prime_bits (XPROCESS (proc)->gnutls_state);
int bits = fn_gnutls_dh_get_prime_bits (XPROCESS (proc)->gnutls_state);
if (bits > 0)
result = nconc2 (result, list2
(intern (":diffie-hellman-prime-bits"),
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