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Merge from origin/emacs-26

c26d452a (origin/emacs-26) * src/macfont.m (macfont_shape): Use conven...
140e7f89 Recommend using font-lock-face over face (Bug#35044)
7cb5364e Check if mouse_face_overlay was deleted (Bug#35273)

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#	src/macfont.m
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......@@ -3238,7 +3238,12 @@ is disabled, @code{font-lock-face} has no effect on the display.
It is ok for a mode to use @code{font-lock-face} for some text and
also use the normal Font Lock machinery. But if the mode does not use
the normal Font Lock machinery, it should not set the variable
@code{font-lock-defaults}. In this case the @code{face} property will
not be overriden, so using the @code{face} property could work too.
However, using @code{font-lock-face} is generally preferable as it
allows the user to control the fontification by toggling
@code{font-lock-mode}, and lets the code work regardless of whether
the mode uses Font Lock machinery or not.
@node Faces for Font Lock
@subsection Faces for Font Lock
......@@ -2991,7 +2991,7 @@ So we use CTFontDescriptorCreateMatchingFontDescriptor (no
if (NILP (lglyph))
lglyph = make_nil_vector (LGLYPH_SIZE);
lglyph = LGLYPH_NEW ();
LGSTRING_SET_GLYPH (lgstring, i, lglyph);
......@@ -31641,7 +31641,9 @@ note_mouse_highlight (struct frame *f, int x, int y)
is currently hidden to avoid Bug#30519. */
|| (!hlinfo->mouse_face_hidden
&& OVERLAYP (hlinfo->mouse_face_overlay)
&& mouse_face_overlay_overlaps (hlinfo->mouse_face_overlay)))
/* It's possible the overlay was deleted (Bug#35273). */
&& XMARKER (OVERLAY_START (hlinfo->mouse_face_overlay))->buffer
&& mouse_face_overlay_overlaps (hlinfo->mouse_face_overlay)))
/* Find the highest priority overlay with a mouse-face. */
Lisp_Object overlay = Qnil;
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